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Will's attitude disgusting

Republican Charles Grassley proposed that a portion of the oil companies' huge profits be used to increase the heating oil subsidy that prevents millions of Americans from freezing to death. George Will says that since those Americans live in the chilly Northeast and vote for liberals, they deserve to freeze to death as a consequence of their representatives' irrationality.

I find Will's callous disregard for human suffering disgusting. Do other 'Culture-of-Life' Republicans share his view? ' Damon Neal, Medford

Survey results suspect

I am amazed that anyone would trust the validity of the school-wide health survey that was reported on in the Tribune last month, especially the results at the middle school level. Anyone who has worked with students at that age level knows how unlikely it is that questions of that nature would be taken seriously enough to deem the results valid. ' Bill Furrow, Jacksonville

Sadler's complaints not new

Sadler's article on selfish materialism is a perfect example of the illogical self-loathing found in today's liberal mainstream. It is our capitalist economy that has resulted in the world's greatest economy, most powerful nation, and most free people. I am sick of hearing people talk about how terrible and selfish we are.

This is what we've worked so hard for. Now we have it, and liberals still find something to complain about. It must sound good to the lazy and envious. They will always be that way, as long as there are so many handout programs allowing them to remain a liability to those who produce.

I consider it an honor to be branded a conservative practicing Ayn Rand's virtue of selfishness. If Sadler really understood Rand's phenomenal works, he wouldn't be preaching about the evils of working to make money or being in business to turn a profit.

— Without those two elements, we would all need charity and welfare, which wouldn't exist without the private sector. Do I sense socialist undertones here? In the words of Rush Limbaugh, A country has never taxed itself into prosperity. We must discourage the subsidizing of poverty if we are to eradicate it, Mr. Sadler. ' Jason Ferrer, Medford

Read about Social Security

If you are approaching Social Security age and are depending on it you should read the Nov. 28 article in USA Today on Social Security. It describes the impact on people who are counting on Social Security to be there when they retire. Pretty scary, and our legislators don't seem to want to fix it. ' Garold Hildreth, Jacksonville

Look in the mirror

In response to Bob White's letter of Nov. 28, I must point out to him that the reason our beloved valley is becoming more like the area he left is found in his own letter. He, and a multitude of others like him, have cashed out their overpriced California real estate and have moved up here!

Did Mr. White expect that no one else would consider moving here after he did? ' R. Dave Carr, Medford

Time for unity in our forests

I am disappointed in Rep. Greg Walden and Sen. Gordon Smith as they attempt to increase controversial logging on public lands.

Once again, our congressmen are committed to intensifying harmful logging that will not result in a healthy environment or sustainable jobs. Through recently introduced legislation, Walden and Smith propose to give timber companies unfettered access to public lands while nearly eliminating public participation.

Logging after fire and other natural events is a horrible time to enter the forest with heavy machinery and remove trees. Post-fire logging degrades soil health and increases erosion, clogging habitat for salmon and other fish.

By removing standing dead trees, legacy trees, we eliminate shelter for fish and wildlife and remove critical nutrients for tomorrow's forests. Logging spreads invasive weeds and disease, and increases the risk of future fires.

I wish our elected officials were committed to unifying our communities instead of increasing controversy. The Biscuit wrangle illustrated the intense conflict that arises from native forest logging, be it burned or not.

There is plenty of appropriate, noncontroversial forest work to be developed with strong environmental protections in southwest Oregon. We need sustainable, reliable forest jobs, not more division manufactured by elected officials. ' Lesley Adams, Ruch

Katrina response no surprise

It didn't surprise me that President Bush didn't bother to do anything to help rescue the victims of Hurricane Katrina. He was way too busy bombing women and children and torturing civilian prisoners in Iraq.

May God have mercy on all the U.S. soldiers returning home wounded and severely ill only to discover that their commander in chief has shut down most of the VA hospitals. ' Anthony Nye Haynes, Medford

A matter of interpretation

Regarding Michelle Montgomery's Interpretation is in the mind of the reader.

How sad that she can't see that her quote from James Baldwin could even be applied to the Iraq and al-Qaida war on terrorism: If we know then we must fight for your life as if it were our own, for if they take you in the morning, they will be coming for us that night. ' H. Rogers, Talent

Stand up in the world

I would like to express my thanks for a pastor who is willing to respond to the leading of the Lord in his life, even when it involves a controversial subject in the midst of a controversial society.

School systems teaching our eighth-graders the level of sex-ed that is being considered is wrong. And a community that believes this education to be a good idea is, sadly enough, being deceived.

Parents, this is your job! Don't shirk the responsibility behind the excuse of it's uncomfortable to discuss this subject with my child or I might not know all the details.

Those are just plain old excuses and a wise old man once said that once you get good at making excuses then excuses will be all that you are good at.

My question is to the church ... where are you? It appears through the opinion letters that we have let a pastor be offered up as a sacrifice to the world and then gone back to sleep.

It's true that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, Eph. 6:12, but it certainly won't hurt to be heard. It's easy to stand up in church. How about in the world? ' Joe Stroble, Ruch

Why publish Masters?

Regarding the ad titled, The Excuse ' Deadlier Than The Deed, by Roy Masters (Friday, Nov. 14):

Masters talks of behaviors at war with common sense, and then asserts that every man on earth under-corrects his wife and children (emphasis his). He finishes with a vague reference, ... as Adam came to find out.

My question is not who this misogynist might be, as there are unfortunately millions like him that one can and does meet on the street every day.

My question is, how did a highly respected newspaper like the Mail Tribune end up publishing such an ad in the first place? ' Stefanie Redfield, Medford

Bush the environmentalist

George Bush is by far the sharpest environmentalist in the country. Before the first election, he looked at Saddam selling so much oil he brought the price of oil to about &

36;10 a barrel. He knew that at that price people would be buying lots of SUVS and big trucks, putting lots of toxic waste into the atmosphere.

What to do? I know, invade Iraq and put a stop to those low prices. People will quite buying SUVs and the planet will be saved. ' Bill Aslin, Medford