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Our children will rue the day

I'm trying to make sense of the Republican tax cuts. It might make sense if the purpose is to shrink government spending. But that's not what's happening.

Government spending has increased. We are selling our children's future to the Chinese (who buy our debt) for the benefit of the wealthiest — percent.

Now are we glad we voted for Bush? Our children will rue the day. ' Dan Fellman, Ashland

Free but not peaceful

Our president, defending the war in Iraq, states that free people are peaceful people. How sad that he fails to see the irony and hypocrisy of this empty slogan.

We, who ourselves possess the greatest arsenal of WMDs in the world, who are the only nation ever to have used nuclear weapons against other human beings, invaded Iraq based on the false statements of our leaders that they had such weapons. If the United States is the shining beacon of freedom and democracy that we claim to be, how can we have launched this war?

How can we claim to be a peaceful people? And if we miraculously succeed in transforming Iraqis into free people, what makes us think they will be any more peaceful than we have been?

— The waging of pre-emptive war to promote freedom and democracy is a sick perversion of those values. The false and arrogant belief that we are morally superior to other nations and have an obligation to convert them to our beliefs can only lead to tragic consequences. When we stop trying to impose our will on the rest of the world, terrorists will no longer have a cause to fight against. ' Claude Aron, Applegate

Don't act like the French

Lately the call by some in Congress and the media has been to cut and run in Iraq because more than 2,000 troops have died in battle and we can't win this war.

As horrendous as the price has been, look at all that our military has accomplished there and compare that cost to the 600,000 deaths in the Civil War, 400,000 deaths in World War II, 54,000 in Korea and 60,000 in Vietnam. Brave men have always been willing to die for freedom, and for the United States to quit now would be a terrible injustice to these grand warriors.

George Orwell said that the quickest way of ending a war is to lose it, and if one finds the prospect of a long war intolerable, it is natural to disbelieve in the possibility of victory.

Victory is possible in Iraq, and though it may take longer than some would like, it is not intolerable. If we just stay the course and let our troops finish the job and above all don't start acting like the French. ' Tom Brussat, Jacksonville

War on America

Bush attacked the war critics on Veterans Day. He should know that he is attacking the majority of Americans, as his poll numbers reveal.

What is the definition of democracy? Having a nonelected official tell the majority of the population what is right when they vehemently disagree? If Bush believes this is democracy he certainly cannot be trusted to establish democracy in another country (one of the many excuses for attacking Iraq).

Be careful, America, this is the sort of rhetoric that happened before he invaded Iraq. He could be gunning up to attack us because his idea of democracy is so off-base.

It is fun to watch this administration implode on their own foundation of lies and disinformation. I knew it would happen, because that is what happens when you build a machine with broken parts.

Unfortunately for us, the majority of Americans are nostalgic and wanted to stand by their president. It really hurts this country when we are so misinformed by our government and they exploit the fears of terror to justify anything they want to do.

Notice only the war profiteers want to stay in Iraq. War profiteers are amoral traitors. ' J. Paqu?, Medford

Slow learner

Thanksgiving Day has come and gone. For months I've been receiving mail from Publishers Clearinghouse declaring that the million dollar prize giveaway would occur on that date.

One promotion guaranteed that someone from Eagle Point with the initial of O.H. would be the one to be surprised and included a message prompting the winner to say, I just won the million dollar giveaway from Publishers Clearinghouse. I know now it's real.

I called the radio and TV stations to see if they had been alerted, but they had not!

I filed away each entry promotion. They add up to 22.

In conclusion: I must be a slow learner. I just turned 87! ' Opal Hodgen, Eagle Point