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We should all pay for war

The military needs &

36;100 billion more for Iraq plus the &

36;50 billion Congress was already going to contribute on top of the &

36;300 billion already spent. I think it's time for a war tax to pay for this.

Our soldiers in Iraq are paying now. So should we. Maybe that would wake us up as to the costs of this war. Let's pay as we go, not make our children and grandchildren pay. ' Steve Cole, Ashland

Sex-ed is parents' job

Where do we get the notion that education is a deterrent where teen sex is concerned? The statistics do not bear out any claim that sex education is working to prevent teen pregnancy, STDs or sexual activity. Most teen and adult sex is based on spontaneous combustion and is not that well thought out.

Why do we expect our state to mandate to our school what to teach concerning sex education? It should be the parents' job.

Having served on our health curriculum review committee in the early '90s, we shared concern for the same issue. The state was mandating the instruction on contraceptives be lowered from the then current 10th grade level.

It has continued to be lowered; at the present rate we will soon be teaching contraceptive methods to 8- and 9-year-olds. Appalling. If we continue to lower the standard, our children will continue to meet our lower standard.

— Suggestion: Train staff to identify high risk students, then partner with parents to give the appropriate information. We all have a sphere of influence and sometimes parents need a little help. They don't need their jobs usurped, nor should they hand over their responsibility; it's theirs. ' Patrice Jordan, Gold Hill

Schools morally bankrupt

The sex-ed curriculum as proposed by Medford School District is one more indication of the schools' moral bankruptcy. Condoms, diaphragms, IUDs and what-have-you appear indeed alluring; they assure plentiful sex and no restraint.

Pastor Peter-John Courson is absolutely right. The schools' sex plan would only encourage teen sexuality. This approach is degrading and enslaving; it reduces boys and girls to mere sexual animals with insatiable sexual appetites.

There's another approach. It looks at our teens as indeed sexual beings. But what distinguishes them from beasts is that they are, above all, thinking, rational beings. Give them something to aim at, something to strive for.

Inculcate in them from early age the meaning and beauty of human sexuality. They'll respond if you educate them to regard sex as a symbol of love, commitment, permanence. In a sex-crazed ambience this approach may sound like anathema to many, for it calls for self-discipline and self-restraint. But it's the only approach that's truly liberating and fully humanizing.

Arnold Lunn once said, The difference between you wretched modern artists and the ancients is that they used their talents to boost beauty while you use beauty to boost your beastly talents. ' Terry Duran, Medford

Eagle Point schools excel

My children attend Eagle Point schools. I want to thank each and every employee of our school district.

Recently, I attended 13 conferences for my three children. We are blessed in Eagle Point to have such caring individuals helping and teaching our children. Their dedication is awesome!

From the bus drivers who safely drive our kids to the cafeteria staff who feed them, to the secretaries whose jobs are endless, to the custodians and maintenance crews who clean and make our schools safe. To our librarians, aides and teachers who teach our children. To the many others who also contribute, I thank you! You all deserve so much for what you every day.

Please take a moment to thank these angels on earth for going the extra mile for our kids. Let the school board know that you value these people and the job that they are doing.

My appreciation and admiration goes out to each and every one of you. You all have been instrumental in helping raise my children. I am deeply grateful to you! ' Jeri Marlia, Eagle Point