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Bush wins hands-down

I applaud the Tribune for discussing the administration's reactionary stance on global warming.

I know we are all to blame for global warming. However, if you ask the question Who is the one person in the entire world most responsible for global warming?, the answer would have to be George W. Bush.

For this, for his corporate interests over human interests, for the unprovoked invasion of another country without so much as an explanation to us, for women's rights and other reasons, George W. Bush becomes the hands-down winner for worst president in our entire history. And what does that say about the majority of us who voted for him? ' Tom Ewald, Ashland

Public will leave biggest legacy

Numbed by 9/11, Americans believed the Republicans and Democrats in government about WMDs and claims linking Iraq and bin Laden. But after thousands of deaths, Americans are now saying they've had it with the lies and fantasies about the invasion and occupation of an oil-rich country that posed no immediate threat.

Bush declares victory, but the facts seems to have our men and woman dying for oil in the Middle East for at least as long as we must endure this dysfunctional government.

How come, with all the pending indictments exposing the lies, the stolen elections, the cronyism, and war crimes in Iraq, can this government still be allowed to make any more nominations or appointments, or ever touch our Constitution again, let alone contemplate more illegal wars?

— Americans are beginning to understand that their government has been atrocious and irresponsible and its legacy will be unnecessary wars and death, record spending, record deficits, incompetent friends in important positions, the corporate looters and, hopefully, long jail sentences.

In the end, however, it will be the American public, through elections, that will leave the biggest legacy, whether the United States can return to democracy or sink further into theocratical dictatorship. ' Leon Guillotte, Williams

Producers or profiteers?

Jason Ferrer (Dec. 6) suggests there are two kinds of Americans: lazy, self-loathing liberals who collect welfare and envy the profits of others, or hard-working, honorable conservatives who drive our capitalist economy and make our nation great. He suggests handout programs are a mere liability for those who produce.

I wonder if Mr. Ferrer's hard-working, honorable conservatives include the likes of Enron, WorldCom, Adelphia, HealthSouth, Arthur Andersen and countless other robber barons who defrauded employees and investors out of billions of dollars? Perhaps he refers to Delphi, Delta and UAL (among others), whose CEOs collect obscene salaries, declare bankruptcy, then dump their pension obligations on taxpayers?

Could he mean Wal-Mart, whose billionaire Waltons force their consumer temples on our communities, drive down wages and destroy local businesses? And let's not forget those hard-working, honorable conservatives in Congress who let them all get away with it.

It seems Mr. Ferrer has confused those who produce with those who profit. ' Scott Morrell, Medford

Hope she was misquoted

Please tell me that she was misquoted in the Dec. 10 paper. Don't tell me the state director of educational standards actually used the phrase a curricula. ' Ben Truwe, Medford