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Nothing to do with Texas

The story with the enormous, weepy color photos dominating Thursday's front page'Fallen soldier had a heart as big as Texas, had nothing to do with Texas, very little to do with Oregon, and everything to do with lump-in-the-throat journalism.

Yes, this family has suffered, but so have many thousands of other families. Rather than stories wallowing in sentimentality, we need stories that underscore the criminality of Bush's war and how to end it. ' Issac Walker, Ashland.

Patronize the enemies

Please see if you can find a list of organizations and people I'm supposed to avoid because they are Enemies of Christmas! I would like to patronize the names on that list. ' Walter Wright, Medford

All must be loyal

I'm sure that most Americans think of Theodore Roosevelt as, if nothing else, a patriot. He loved this country dearly.

In 1907, he made known his strong opinions regarding immigrants and their responsibilities. He said that any immigrant who truly assimilates himself to us should be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, because it was an outrage to discriminate because of creed or birthplace or origin.

However, he also said that this equal treatment was based on the immigrant becoming, in fact, an American and nothing but an American. There can be no divided allegiances; any man who said he's an American but is also something else, isn't an American at all.

— He said that we have room for only one flag ' the American flag. We have room for only one language ' the English language. We have room for only one loyalty ' a loyalty to the American people.

These opinions were well known at that time and are, in my mind, as applicable today as when he aired them in 1907. One must be loyal to his country, whether it is his native country or his adopted country. ' Murray LaHue, Phoenix

Another bah humbug

Last Friday night I was a victim of a bah humbug, or some poorly raised children. Around midnight somebody stole my 8-foot penguin standing on top of his igloo, right out of my front yard, next to my house windows.

I am so upset. I cannot believe the way people behave nowadays. I am a taxpayer who works hard for my money, as I am sure a lot of people do, and I do not appreciate getting robbed.

I know it sounds silly, but the air-blown decorations are expensive and the police were very apologetic, but could do nothing for me. I live on McAndrews, the most poorly lighted street in Medford. I would appreciate a few more patrol cars going by just to make sure the people over here are OK.

Anyway, I just wanted people to know that there are just no days that someone does not go by unharmed by society. Thank you for listening and happy holidays. ' Dusty Cordova, Medford

Give a healthy gift

We have just experienced several weeks of unhealthy air accompanied with medical warnings to the elderly and children at risk to remain inside, with burning prohibited and car pooling suggested to reduce dangerous particulates. Now would be a good time to remember those who successfully stopped the DEQ from lowering the present standards.

Also, time to give our at-risk populations a healthy gift: support Gov. Kulongoski in his efforts to raise our emissions standards to match California's. ' Milt Goldman, Jacksonville