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Constitutional question

I wish to pose a question to the readers of this newspaper. I wish everyone would think about it and perhaps one or more will attempt to answer it.

Can our president or Congress or the Supreme Court do anything not specifically prohibited by the Constitution or can they do only what is allowed by it? What about us, the people? Do the same rules apply? ' G. Simpson, Medford

Tax cut benefits weighed

President George Bush and the Republicans in Congress, including Greg Walden, are claiming the tax cuts are responsible for the recent improvement in the economy. Yet reliable economic models indicate that interest rates, government spending and the housing boom are much more important factors in affecting the economy. These models also show that other than increasing the national debt and interest payments, their effects are marginal.

Making the cuts permanent will only compound the debt to be passed on to our children and grandchildren without improving their lives. Worse, to pay for the ineffective stimulus, Congress intends to reduce essential social programs like food stamps, student loans, etc. Like so much else that the Bush administration has said, their statements are inaccurate, misleading or exaggerated. And there are three more years to go. ' Frank R. Hieber, Medford

Time for impeachment

Isn't it about time Congress began action to impeach our president? President Clinton was impeached for having an affair with Monica Lewinski and lying about it. How many men would willingly admit to his wife and the nation on national TV that he has been having an affair? While the affair proved he was lacking in morals, it did not threaten the well-being of our nation.

President Bush has led us into a war costing the lives of thousands of young men and women by scaring us with repeated lies about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. Now he has authorized spying on American citizens and has been caught on tape lying about obtaining documents necessary to do this.

— There is one thing about habitual liars: You cannot believe anything they say. His way of avoiding the consequences of his actions is to lie his way out of them. I can't wait to see how he tries to get out of this one!

While I fully support our troops, who are putting their lives on the line every day, I do not support the Bush administration that put them there with their lies. ' Mary Ann Carlson, Central Point

Keep lake half full

In order to keep the Rogue Valley safe, there is one major area that needs attention. I go fishing at Lost Creek Lake and I've stood on top of the dam when it was full and could almost feel the millions of pounds of pressure exerted against it. I've also been up there at the same place when it was only half full, and what a difference.

If a terrorist set off an explosion on the dam when it was full, a wall of water would come rushing down and would destroy everything in its path all the way to Gold Beach. No bridge would be left standing, major highways would be left with miles of it washed away.

Interstate 5 would have a major problem at the Valley of the Rogue. Grants Pass would be cut in half when both of their bridges were washed away.

There is one thing we can do so that this would not be a problem. We should ask that the Corps of Engineers fill the lake only half full until there is no longer a danger. We owe it to the people whose lives would be affected. ' Gordon DeVos, Medford

A man of God

Before passing an unfair judgment upon Pastor Peter John Courson, I cordially invite you to attend a service at the Applegate church, where you will hear God's message delivered through this blessed man of God.

It is here that you will witness what warmth and love the shepherd has for his calling, his congregation, his family.

He cares about and has love for each and every one of them, as do they do for him. They know they can trust him with and about everything wholeheartedly.

So once again I invite you, and I do so hope you come, where you will be amazed and captivated. And I will be blessed to see you there.

Peter John, an irate man of God? No, for there is no such thing. ' June Rone, Shady Cove