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Letters to the editor

Medford deserves better

I'm writing in support of former Medford City Attorney Ron Doyle, the retirees, and the employees who still work for the city of Medford. I'm writing in support of my husband Mark Gallagher, former principal planner and city employee of 23 years. It was never his intention to leave city employment, but even tolerant people can only stand so much.

The retiree insurance problem is just one of many under the management of City Manager Mike Dyal. Where there is a problem, those who have the power to change it have the responsibility to change it. This City Council has that power and that responsibility.

It is time to bring back integrity, openness, honesty, fairness and accountability to City Hall. I call for the resignation or termination of Mike Dyal as city manager.

Medford has been better than this. Medford deserves better than this. For the City Council to accept anything less is a betrayal of the public trust. ' Theresa Gallagher, Medford

A man of good will

This is a short thank you to the man who found and turned in my church donation check. I lost it on my way to church and when I discovered it missing and retraced my steps, it was nowhere to be found.

I pondered the words of the Scripture: Peace on earth to men of good will. Were there any left? The answer is yes! ' Boots Courian, Medford

Universal care a must

I thoroughly echo Gerry Cavanaugh's note (Dec. 28) chastising you for so airily dismissing universal health as waving the magic wand (Dec. 21).

The Bates plan is a lot better than what we have, but far short of what we could have. When you say, If wishing could make it so, we would already have such a plan exhibits , to put it kindly, a detached grasp of the dynamics of the health care issue.

The only reason that we don't have universal health care like every other modern nation is a little detail that you neglect to mention, namely the solid opposition of the health care industry, which profits from the extreme waste of the present system. ' Harry L. Cook, Ashland

Write to your legislators

Mary E. Paine (Lives are at stake, Dec. 27) is absolutely right! Lives are at stake! Let me help her and everyone else understand why they rarely see a state trooper on the highway.

More times than not there are only one or two troopers working per county at any given time. Here in Jackson County, I patrol from California to Rogue River on Interstate 5 (48 miles), approximately 40 miles of Highway 66, 32 miles of Highway 140, 50 miles of Highway 62, 20 miles of Highway 230, 20 miles of Highway 227, 25 miles of Highway 238, 17 miles of Highway 234, and numerous sections of Highway 99.

A bit much for one or two troopers, don't you think? We have 12 troopers for all of Jackson County 24/7, and we are the best-staffed office in the state.

Because of the cash crunch, our agency is falling apart. If Mary or anyone else cares about safety on the highways, don't write letters to the editor, write letters to your legislators! ' Joey Pollard, Medford, senior trooper, Oregon State Police

U.N. Association not dormant

In the otherwise informative article by Paul Fattig (Dec. 28) an erroneous charge appeared.

The Southern Oregon United Nations Association has not been largely dormant until 2005. Anyone who has been in the Rogue Valley can remember the series of 20 TV documentaries presented by the members of the local UNA in the past years, the public meetings in both Ashland and Medford every April and October commemorating both the founding and the ratification of the United Nations, the dozens of editorials in both the Tidings and the MT by UNA officers, the courses about the U.N. taught by UNA leaders in Southern Oregon Learning In Retirement, or the recently published book, The United Nations: States vs. International Law, authored by the former vice president of the UNA of Southern Oregon. ' June E. Wells, Medford