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Delay was prudent

Jack Walker and I did delay decision on the Cole request for annexation into a livestock district. The reason was quite simple: Neither Jack nor I , as city folks, could rule on the competing allegations made by the cattlemen and by Nancy Ames Cole's lawyer without further research by our county counsel.

Our intent was not to evade state law, but to find out what the state statutes actually said. Before a decision could be made, we needed to know whether or not the commissioners have discretion on whether or not we approve an annexation (we do not) and whether or not inclusion of a portion of the Cole property into the monument boundaries matters (it does not).

Delaying the decision a few weeks to gather information prior to making a decision violates no citizen's rights. In fact, government elected officials who require complete information to avoid hasty, ill-informed decisions are working diligently on the behalf of all of our citizens. ' Dave Gilmour, Jackson County commissioner

Greystone Court says thanks

The Greystone Court food drive has become a Rogue Valley Christmas tradition. What a record-breaking year. We grossed &

36;10,354.25 and 7,143 pounds of food. In total, this will provide the community with 68,608 meals, or enough food to feed 300 families for a month.

We, the residents of Greystone Court, thank all the generous citizens of the valley who made our sixth annual food drive a very special event. Special thanks to the six donors who contributed &

36;1,500 and the one donor who delivered over 500 pounds of food.

We pray that this successful event continues to grow. Christmas lights brighten our street, but the spirit of Christmas brightens our hearts.

— See you next year. ' Doug and Barbara Rush, on behalf of the residents of Greystone Court

Surveillance is reasonable

Regarding Mike Higgins' letter opposing warrantless surveillance: Apparently, Mr. Higgins believes that learning what our enemies are up to in time of war is a low priority and of little consequence.

He also fails to comprehend the term unreasonable searches proffered in the Fourth Amendment and its irrelevance to wartime operations vital to America's safety. A thinking person would not find it unreasonable for their government to conduct surveillance of potential threats based on proven intelligence-gathering techniques.

If we are to preserve American freedom and constitutional guarantees, we must be vigilant and react with lightning speed. Under exigent, wartime circumstances, our president not only has the authority, but an obligation to act in defense of U.S. citizens.

Search warrants are not an instantaneous means of stopping real-time threats by highly mobile, secretive terrorists who are planning attacks within our borders. People who are protected by our government, but denigrate it, should go live elsewhere.

Whoever leaked the information about this top secret program severely compromised a valuable tool used in our country's fight against Islamic terrorists and sympathizers. This is really a no-brainer. ' Rick Smith, Rogue River