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Consider all students

As a now-retired 25-year public school educator (all of it in middle and high school), I can verify the critical importance of giving kids all the information they need to make intelligent choices. Most people would agree that knowledge is power.

Presenting condom and other contraceptive knowledge simply arms students with accurate facts. How they use those facts will depend, of course, on their value system. Research proves there is absolutely no correlation to condom information and sexual activity!

By demanding that the Medford School District disregard that part of the curriculum not only breaks the law but it presents a danger to society. Public education is based on the needs of the whole, not a small, agenda-driven minority. I urge the School Board to consider all students. ' BJ Reed, Medford

Gold Hill should drop police

It has become apparent, at least to me, that the city of Gold Hill should not be in the police business. They have never been able to provide police services to residents without controversy.

I have followed the newspaper stories about Gold Hill police for nearly 10 years. You would think that the citizens of Gold Hill would be truly tired of reading about the misadventures of their police department by now.

Listen in on a conversation about the city of Gold Hill. It is very likely that you will hear a recounting of the latest tiff in what appears to be the never-ending conflict with its own police department.

— It takes more than a patrol car and a police uniform with a body in it to operate a police department. Why not just contract with the county sheriff for police services?

Whatever the city pays (wastes) for its police services would almost certainly be better spent with the county . I am sure that the time spent constantly arguing about the police could be better spent by city officials on improving their city. ' Gloria Garcia, Grants Pass

We failed Justin Pina

We failed Justin Pina. Helen Brown paid the price for our indifference and failure. He acted out for months, escalating hours before the shooting. We lay in wait till the situation erupted and ask, why do things like this happen?

And now a grand jury. Yet, if the situation had been handled differently, if the two officers had done anything, would Mrs. Brown have needed saving? Is this fodder to use against her later if she files a lawsuit? Is this a case of CYA?

What about the failure of RVMC? A phone evaluation? Take two aspirin and call me in the morning? Rorschach's ink blots as standard in police equipment?

It seems the only one who won here is RVMC, who got the MPD phone evaluation, medical and surgery charges for both Brown and Pina. We know they will be paid.

We need a county crisis center to do evaluations on teens and adults, a holding place for people in crisis. Not one who asks, do you have insurance?

We are growing and things are needed to accommodate the increase in population. We did this to ourselves. And to Mrs. Brown. ' Jodi Yap, Talent

Satan in the Senate?

Do you not think that having Ted Kennedy asking questions of Judge Alito would be akin to Satan preaching a Sunday sermon on the Ten Commandments? ' James A. Robinson, Grants Pass

Get news from the Internet

In the beginning, public radio told us the truth about Vietnam and the world events that went unmentioned in mainstream media.

Today the Internet replaces mainstream media and National Public Radio for information because they have been reduced to entertainment, constantly trying to keep things light-hearted, do what you can do as the world disintegrates in militaristic chaos. The Internet is doing what should be done ' reporting facts, unvarnished by the need to grovel for money.

So if you'd rather discuss how many dogs per family, while Ariel Sharon and the Middle East lie dying, then listen to NPR.

But if you really want to do something, first understand history and don't repeat others' mistakes. It's because we didn't heed history that we are now enduring media and government controlled by corporations, and not we the people.

In the beginning NPR told us of world events, but now we're stuck with programs like Men Who Hate Women and the Women Who Love Them and hosts who can only put down callers they disagree with.

Today we use the Internet and Democracy Now or Free Speech TV to get the information that public boadcasting used to provide and mainstream media never did. 'Barry Leisure, Yreka, Calif.

Don't be fooled

The wiretap scandal developing in Washington is about whether the president of the United States is bound by the laws of our country.

Don't be fooled. This is not about the New York Times revealing the violation, or hunting down terrorists, or who knew? about the violation. This scandal is about our president violating federal law. He has admitted to violating the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). He has announced that he will continue to violate this law.

If you have not yet completely succumbed to outrage fatigue, now is the time to call Sen. Wyden, Sen. Smith and Rep. Walden to voice your opinion. Let them know if you want your country led by a president or a dictator. The outcome of this attempted power grab could change our country forever. ' Joseph T. Suste, Medford