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Maybe they broke them all

How many commandments has the Bush administration broken?

Let's see, they have brought false witness against their neighbors. No WMDs in Iraq.

They covet their neighbor's goods. Oil.

They have stolen tons of money from Indian tribes and the middle class.

They kill innocents every day in Iraq.

They worship false idols. Money, power and themselves.

— They have erected false idols. Namely, Bush.

They have used the Lord's name in vain, against the Constitution, of all things.

Bush has disrespected his father by ignoring his advice on Iraq.

Wow! That's almost all of them, but these are only the known sins, so they might actually have broken them all.

Looks like a short path to hell if you're a fundamentalist Christian who supports Bush. It may be too late if you voted for him, but I hear God is forgiving. So, you might have a chance at saving your souls by renouncing the true evil-doer (W).

Do you only have to say you believe in the commandments, and not actually follow them to get to heaven? This is not what I was taught in my 10 years of Catholic school. ' J. Paqu?, Medford

Notre Dame singled out

This e-mail is in response to the editorial titled Clean it up, coach.

I am not sure who the author was, but he stated that in having watched many of the recent football bowl games, there were lots of obscenities.

Then the author goes on to specifically mention the coach of a well-known Catholic institution (Notre Dame?), who seemed to use the F-word frequently, and said it took only minimal lip-reading skills to translate what the coach seemed to be saying. Are you positive that you know what he was saying?

I was also wondering why one well-known Catholic institution was singled out if the author noticed lots of obscenities in the games that were being viewed. I believe the editorial could have, or should have, ended in the second paragraph, with the words Not great P.R.

I understand that the editorials in that column reflect the opinion of the Mail Tribune. This e-mail reflects my opinion of that particular editorial. ' George A. Sendelbach, Medford