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Not always union's fault

According to Jim Andrews' letter to the editor (Jan. 11), the strike by Josephine County employees was the fault of the workers and is a typical public be damned attitude of unions.

As a union member for some 40 years (now retired), during most of which I was an elected officer, I can tell you that fewer than — percent of all contract negotiations end in a work stoppage. Those few strikes that do happen are not always the fault of the union. If all employers treated their employees fairly with respect and dignity, the unions would probably be non-existent.

In any contract negotiations where the employer refuses to offer a fair and equitable settlement, the employees have only two choices, accept the substandard offer or withhold their labor. They have no other options!

Let's face it, all strikes affect the public, some more than others. I'd be willing to bet that the employees in this dispute gave this point serious consideration before voting to strike. ' Walter Petitt, Eagle Point

Another victim of growth

The Jan. 13 article on the future of the historic Mon Desir restaurant is just another depressing example of the lack of vision and creativity, and out-of-control growth in our valley. Does this area really have so little pride?

So, yet another beautiful and once significant building falls prey to becoming part of high-density housing. Doesn't that sound appealing?! As if we don't have enough ugly tract housing already.

— Why didn't the Southern Oregon Historical Society step-in and try to preserve this building instead of allowing it to be so altered? Why didn't some other restaurateur, with more experience and more vision, try to make a success of it? Why did the Mail Tribune report this with such a positive, enthusiastic slant?

It is painfully obvious that the planners, developers and builders are going to fill every square inch of open space in Southern Oregon with little concern for quality of life. It's all about money! I can hardly wait for a good opportunity to present itself to assist me in getting out of this town! It's quickly becoming a very unimpressive and ugly place to live. ' J. Reed, Talent

Alito is far right

Now Bush and company think that Alito is mainstream. He is as far right as any person in America. What that means is that in a few years he and Bush will be seen as an aberration to the forward progress of the human condition. By that time millions who are now happy with the extreme agenda will have tired of its false promises but will be saddled with Alito long after Bush and company have vanished into obscurity.

When Oregonians who are now baby boomers arrive at the time when they could use a Death with Dignity provision in the medical code, they will find that Alito has taken it away. ' Don Kleinhesselink, Medford

Unbridled power

President Bush's decision to make warrantless wiretaps is against the law. The Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) passed by Congress in 1978 allows the president to authorize immediate emergency wiretaps for up to 72 hours before getting court approval from independent federal judges. Bush, in breaking the law, exerts his power as unitary executive.

Where did he get this idea? Carl Schmitt, the Nazi regime's crown jurist, states in the Fuhrerprinzip, to justify Hitler's dictatorship, that the charismatic leader derives unbridled power from the people in time of crisis, and that any form of government, based on a system of checks and balances, consensus, and separation of power, is illegitimate, because it stands in the way of the absolute ruler's responsibility to protect the people.

Bush claims to protect the Constitution. How? By attempting to destroy it? This is fascism pure and simple and must be crushed if the United States is to survive as a constitutional republic. ' John Mitchell, Medford