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Letters to the editor

Pilgrims couldn't be illegal

Excuse me, Mr. Snyder (e-vent, Jan. 21), the pilgrims could not have been illegal immigrants when there were no laws on record as to immigration. Secondly: Waco terrorist cult? They never killed anyone and were never terrorists.

They may have been on the fringes of Christian and American society, but we are allowed to be wacko in America. The A.T.F. were the terrorists in that debacle. This type of convoluted thinking is what's wrong with America today. ' Rev. Douglas W. Cox, D.D., Medford

Why do hospitals advertise?

Why is it that local hospitals spend what must be millions on TV commercials and other forms of advertising? Aren't hospitals places where we either need to go or we don't?

It seems more nurses and direct patient services would be more beneficial. A warm, welcoming lobby isn't nearly as critical as competent and caring physicians and nurses. ' J.R. Hunts, Medford

Rendered speechless

I was rendered speechless by Russell Sadler's commentary in the Jan. 15 Mail Tribune. As an evangelical Protestant who does not accept the dogma of naturalistic evolution, I can assure your readers that it is possible to graduate college, medical school and a medical residency without taking remedial course work.

Sadly, it is sometimes expedient to keep one's mouth shut around anti-religious professors such as Mr. Sadler.

— For those injured by someone who exhibits the intolerance that Mr. Sadler takes for granted, try to intelligently reason with them, then call a lawyer if you can't.

If Mr. Sadler and others would open their minds to evidence outside the dogma they so blindly accept, they would find that there are a growing number of respected scientists and scholars who have come to the conclusion that the appearance and complexity of life cannot be explained by the random natural processes postulated by Darwin's theory.

Rest assured, in our lifetimes, Darwin's theory of natural selection as an explanation for the appearance and development of life will join the theories of spontaneous generation and the flat Earth, on the heap of human history. Even liberal columnists can only ignore inconvenient facts for so long. ' Dr. Lary Stieglitz, Medford

Two terrorists on one page

I found it ironic that you had on the front page of Friday's paper a picture of a terrorist with a smug look on his face. And you also had a picture of Osama bin Laden. 'Tim Klein, Gold Hill

Horowitz not funny

I realize that replacing a truly funny columnist like Dave Barry is no easy task. Dave always made Mondays a lot easier to face and was the first thing I looked for in the paper.

But to bring in a male Molly Ivins (Rick Horowitz) with yet another anti-George Bush rant was a real low blow. Surely there has to be someone out there with at least a little humor. It's not Horowitz. ' Tom Brussat, Jacksonville

No way to know

In response to Lou and Claude Burnam's letter in the Jan. 12 Mail Tribune, I would like to point out a few things.

I am a volunteer with the Jackson County Sheriff's Department in the disabled parking enforcement program. As a public service, I volunteer to enforce disabled parking violations to reserve those parking spots for disabled persons.

I can sympathize with the Burnams over receiving a citation, but they must remember that when we check a vehicle and no placard is visible there is no way we can know the person who parked there is disabled or has a placard. My suggestion to them would be to tape the placard to the dashboard and then it would always be there in plain view, but make sure all information on the placard is visible.

Just be sure the person to whom the placard was issued is present when parking. It is not true that placards cannot be visible unless parking.

The income from monies involved in the fines for these violations is used by Health and Human Services to assist disabled veterans. ' Kermit A. Cooper, Talent