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Budgets cut, families hurt

Anyone else read about the budget bulge in the paper and wonder what that means to the everyday worker? The gist was that the federal government's fiscal policy of running record-breaking annual deficits starting with the Bush administration will catch up with us in the form of higher prices, higher interest rates. It's a version of what goes around comes around.

At the same time, one reads that when adjusted for inflation, a single-income family in the early 1970s had as much discretionary income as the dual-income families of today. Close to twice as much total earnings with both spouses working now but much higher fixed costs.

The tax cuts help the well-off more than the average folk. And I've yet to read a study that links these tax cuts with stimulating the economy in a significant, causal way. If the country is up to its ears in deficit spending that is likely fueling economic growth too.

Current leaders say everything is fine, don't worry about deficits or tax cuts. But you decide if things are getting better or not for you and listen to who has ideas to help you out. Then decide who to support. ' Steve Haskell, Ashland

Doubting Darwin

Mr. Sadler's exposure of full-blown liberalism in higher education, not to mention employment practices, describes blatant discrimination, and most likely, unlawful actions. (Students may pay price for dogma 1/15/06.) Is it right that a student be denied an education if he/she satisfactorily meets class requirements, but doesn't believe a word of it.

Indoctrination, not education, is at work keeping religious students out of science. Rigorous attempts to frame this evolution debate as one of old-time religion vs. modern science is to treat both subjects as silly putty to be shaped to one's will. It is terribly wrong old-time science opposed by those willing to consider both sides of the question.

— Was the universe created? Evolutionists wear blindfolds refusing to consider yes as an answer because a yes answer properly brings God into the debate. That is not science, but a rigid scientific dogma. Truly modern science would freely examine both sides, whether the scientist is against or for religion.

Mr. Sadler's carefully crafted comments avoided telling you that the great majority of Americans do not believe Darwin. Consider his treatment of numerous polls: Recent polls ' suggest a significant minority of Americans doubt Darwin. A masterpiece of obfuscation. ' Kenneth Mak, Medford

Thanks for CASA story

On behalf of Court Appointed Special Advocates of Jackson County staff, volunteers, the children we serve and their families, we would like to thank the Mail Tribune and all of your readers who responded to our request in the Light One Candle series. The family featured in the article had a wonderful Christmas thanks to everyone's generosity and donations of the double stroller, an infant car seat, food, a Christmas tree, decorations, clothing and many toys.

In addition, a big thank you to all the individuals and businesses who donated toys, gift certificates, food and many new bikes to other CASA families. Lots of CASA kids had a surprising and wonderful Christmas. We have been overwhelmed with the community outpouring this year and we thank you all from the bottoms of our hearts. ' Ed Mayer and staff of CASA of Jackson County, Inc.

A prophet's words

On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron. So wrote H.L. Mencken in 1920. Eighty-six years ago, Mencken was a prophet.

G.W. Bush in 2004 stated a wiretap requires a court order. In 2006, he says, I was talking about roving wiretaps.

The Fourth Amendment and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act specifically prohibit any wiretaps unless authorized by a court order. His lame excuse that surveillance today doesn't permit time required for a court order is a lie.

The fact that he chose to circumvent the court when he didn't have to and prefers cronyism to competence indicates that he's a moron.

The fact that he authorized wiretaps when it is clearly against the law and the Constitution makes him a criminal.

So there we have it. We bet on Bush and got a trifeca ' a liar, a criminal and a moron, plus a bonus — incompetence.

The only things more frightening than this are the Bush apologists who make the moronic arguments that ?Bush is looking after you and criticizing our leaders is treason and helping the enemy. ' Don Stone, Ashland