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Bay St. Louis is desperate

The devastation and six-month aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has left the people of Bay St. Louis, Miss., in desperation and with the fear that they are being forgotten.

Insurance companies are failing to hold up their end of the bargain. Complex written policies guarantee a victory for them.

The government program FEMA has failed to help.

Philosophy of the right wing: Less government involvement; Do it on your own!

Bay St. Louis is one example of what the Republican Party deems acceptable. ' Virginia M. Newton, Medford

Clinton saw the threat, too

Since the letters from liberals in this paper constantly bash President Bush by saying he's a liar, maybe they should be reminded that on Feb. 17, 1998, our glorious, impeached ex-president, Slick Willy Clinton, stated:

— If Saddam rejects peace and we have to use force, our purpose is clear. We want to seriously diminish the threat posed by Iraq's WMD program.

Also, let's point out that Ted (hiccup) Kennedy, Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton also believed that Saddam had biological, chemical and nuclear programs in place. So, if Bush is a liar, then why aren't Democrats held accountable?

Do they think that faulty intelligence on Iraq only came through President Bush? They got it originally from Clinton.

Notice also that Clinton wanted to just diminish the threat, whereas President Bush wants to stop it altogether. ' JoAnn Peters, Medford

Worden candidacy depressing

I found the Feb. 23 article on Carl Worden's candidacy for Jackson County commissioner to be quite depressing. So, my choices are the incumbent good ol' boy who has a reputation for taking care of all of the other good ol' boys, or a self-proclaimed right-wing conservative?

Wow! That's quite a choice. Neither offers any hope for true progress in our area and I encourage a third candidate to step up who is progressive and open-minded. ' G. Putnam, Jacksonville

Trust Bush? Sure...

Mr. Bush wants us to just trust him on the UAE port deal. Sure ' why not? His judgments have been absolutely flawless since that glorious day we became blessed with his magnificent dictatorship ' I mean presidency.

Since the day I saw Bush holding hands with a Saudi oil man I've been wondering if he might have derrick envy and simply can't stop himself from drooling all over oil-rich Arabs, and this UAE deal just looks like more drooling.

This insane plan to allow a United Arab Emirates company to control six of our largest Eastern seaports would open the door for six inside operatives in those six ports to allow six containers to be driven out of those ports by six terrorists to simultaneously attack six populated areas. (That somehow has a ring of real possibility ' doesn't it?) Also ' the UAE has yet to free their women or even to recognize Israel.

I am totally against this deal ' unless Mr. Bush and all in Congress who agree with him are willing to surrender their citizenship and leave our country if this UAE company contributes in any way to a terrorist attack on the U.S. ' Darryl Edington, Eagle Point