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What traffic increase'

So Wal-Mart likely gets to build its south Medford monstrosity without a traffic study because the city says a study was done in 1991.

I guess I've only been imagining the dramatic increase in traffic in this area the past 15 years. It's nice to know it won't take me any longer to get around Wal-Mart to get to Fred Meyer. ' Jeff Palmer, Medford

Happy ignorance

Oh, how I wish I could live in the simplistic world that is inside Larry Huss' head. Alas, we have serious problems that need to be solved by serious people and Huss simply can't qualify as serious.

Huss' latest column(?) as to why Republicans are happier than Democrats is just more proof of the old adage Ignorance is bliss. ' Edward Curtius, Medford

Leaders above the law

I've seen and heard lots of commentary about the Cheney hunting accident. None expressed my point of view, and my deepening concerns about our government in general. I am positive that if I had shot a friend on another friend's property, I would not have had the luxury of waiting 20 hours to be interviewed by law enforcement.

Maybe I am naive, but I also believe I would have been required to give a voluntary urinalysis to detect whether I was under the influence of legal or illegal substances. Further, I am certain that I would not have enjoyed the nicety of having my friend, the property owner, be the first to notify the local newspaper to report the news.

— This is just another example of too many to count that our elected officials ' who hold the highest offices in the land ' are above the rule of law they swore to uphold. I am left wondering what it will take for us to join together to demand the return of our country to the foundations of one that is for the people, by the people? ' Holly East, Ashland

He could cut brush

The Feb. 27 edition of The New York Times mentions President Bush's two-day trip to India. Indian officials are somewhat irritated that his schedule did not include a trip to their world-famous Taj Mahal. Possibly they could have located a patch of brush for him to cut in order to display his only outstanding talent. ' Ruth Carson, Medford

Unhappy with hearing

I'm very unhappy with the Walden hearing regarding a graduate student's study of regeneration at the Biscuit Fire site.

I feel strong-arm tactics and intimidation were used, which I consider to be a huge misuse of congressional power. It smacks of McCarthyism.

When will people with ties to special interest groups learn that it is never OK to suppress valid scientific information? Never. ' S.D. Keen, Medford

When will they learn?

When the Jackson County commissioners gave Mercy Flights the keys to the vault, one of them stated, I understand the need for those kinds of increases no matter how painful they are.

At a later meeting ' Ashland Sanitary ' a lady said, It was my understanding that the commissioners were there to take care of me, not Ashland Sanitary. The above commissioner grew livid, attempted to insult, berate and intimidate her by saying, We do have your best interest in mind ... That's why I ran for office because I care about the people who live around here. Hypocrisy at its best!

Commissioner, when you start talking to the people, instead of down at them, you may be classified as being intelligent. Until then, attempting to humiliate and/or ridicule anyone will not improve your ignorance!

The commissioners are good ol' boys and the justice system is not interested in who they intentionally harm. The commissioner tells us he doesn't care how much pain you suffer, mentally or physically.

I live for the day Jackson County and commissioners will be sued because of the pain and suffering caused by negligently dealing with Mercy Flights.

This is fertile ground for personal injury attorneys. ' Charles D. Tisler, Central Point

One step closer

Distractions and smoke screens. Bush and his handlers are experts at creating diversions. With the Dubai Port deal we are just one step closer to Bush's dream of the New American Century. An empire without borders. Let's just outsource our military to Nigeria; I'm sure we could pay Nigerian soldiers less than what our GIs demand.

Most of the world's people, other than the religious ones, will not protest their role as economic units in the service of the global elite. After all, there is enough to go around when you factor in the military's wastefulness.

Has anyone heard the world impeachment lately? Smoke and mirrors. ' Barbara Barker, Medford