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Article unsettling

A la Fox News, I expected a more fair and balanced coverage through all of Damian Mann's article last Friday about Applegate Christian Fellowship. But, once again, it was unsettling reading negative intimations toward Pastor Peter-John, based primarily on statements from a three-year Applegate attendee.

Having been at the church over 12 years, I have many friends there, none of whom has ever expressed concern over Peter-John's youth when he became our pastor three-plus years ago. Our congregation appreciates his vitality and sense of humor, finding him an exceptional teacher! His unique ability to reach all ages on their individual levels at the same time with insightful biblical knowledge is a blessing.

Last year, other local pastors questioned sex-ed courses for eighth-graders so it seemed unfair when your paper negatively and persistently singled out Peter-John for having the courage of his convictions in speaking against them. As a balance, this publicly thanks Peter-John ... a great guy who's a much loved and respected pastor! Amen! ' Donna Lee Norvell, Jacksonville

Bush made two mistakes

I continue each day to see the letters from the Bush bashers. (I see them, but don't read them.) In my opinion, President Bush has only made two major mistakes in his six years in office. The first one was asking Israel to give up land for peace, especially when Israel is such a small country. For security reasons alone, this is asking too much.

The second mistake is his insistence on allowing Dubai Ports World to take control of operations at six major U.S. ports. Hopefully, this won't happen.

We could have done much worse with Kerry and Gore as our elected officials. Just recently Mr. Gore went to Saudi Arabia and made some disparaging remarks about our nation. I shudder to think what these two liberals would have done when 9/11 happened.

— We need to be thankful for Mr. Bush and pray for him and our country, as well as our armed forces. These people are in dire need of our prayers and support. Remember, the powers that be are ordained by God. ' Gordon DeVos, Medford

Check your egg supply

This is to all you parents who live in the Phoenix area: Could you do me a favor and go to your refrigerators and check your egg cartons? If you are missing some, I think I know where they are. I seem to have found some in my front yard, on my roof, on my car and in my driveway.

Now if you would like them back, I can't promise you they will be in the same condition they were when they left your house, but I can promise you if you want them back I would be most happy to see you face to face and replace them, and at no extra charge.

And one more thing, please be sure to tell your wonderful, charming, dear children that my house is not the egg drop-off place. ' D. Gadway, Phoenix

Headed for dictatorship

Dead Iraqi civilians slaughtered in this war: 100,000-plus; Bush admits to 30,000.

Dead U.S. military personnel (officially acknowledged) in this war: 2,268. Gary Hart acknowledged on TV that the actual dead is closer to 25,000 because they don't count as dead those who died off the battlefield due to injuries.

Number of U.S. military personnel wounded: 25,000-plus.

The war has cost &


By now, we should realize that the Bush administration has no plan to govern Iraq or concern for the suffering of the Iraqi people. The only thing the matters is the extraction of petroleum from Iraqi oil fields and its unobstructed transfer to the market in dollars!

America is headed for a dictatorship by the end of Bush's second term. Whether any American has any civil rights will be decided by the discretionary power of federal officials, not the Constitution, as was intended by the Founding Fathers.

The public in general, as did the Germans, will tolerate this dictatorship because its discretionary powers won't affect them. It will be felt, as always, by the few courageous men and women who challenge it, and the poor. ' Lorne Lundgren, Applegate