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Letters to the editor

No spitting in the ocean

Global warming may or may not be a fact and man's part in it is still not known. For the sake of this discussion, let us assume it is real. Then what effect will the governor's plan for cleaner car emissions have?

There are 720,330,000 motor vehicles in the world. There are 3,150,000 vehicles in Oregon. Oregon's share of automobile CO2 production is .0043. Assume the sale of new cars replacing old is the 1988 historic high of 231,000 cars per year and that they are 30 percent cleaner. Then Oregon's share of global warming gasses would be reduced by .0003 . That's a reduction of — parts in 10,000.

I expect the governor to propose a law next to make it illegal to spit in the ocean so that we will not contribute to the rise in sea level which is sure to accompany global warming. We should also all be encouraged to hold our breath for 30 seconds every day to cut down on CO2 emissions. ' Skip Algeo ,Rogue River

Just do it, Mr. President

My liberal blood boils at a long list of grievances with President Bush, but make no mistake: We are engaged in a fight to the death with Islam. Not just terrorism but Islam. Cut the bleeding heart namby-pamby sentimentalism. Seventy percent of these people hate our guts and want us dead. There is no reasoning with them and no live and let live. They danced in the streets and rejoiced at 9/11. They want us dead. That's why we need George Bush.

To Mr. Bush I say, It is so easy to conform to the law, even after the fact. Just do it. ' Jim Ross, White City

Only in la-la land

I appreciate Ms. Barton's convictions and contributions (Feb. 24). However, I think it's only in la-la land where people actually believe capital punishment murders only guilty sinners.

— Also, how can anyone believe that a child of 12 has not been violated if she is impregnated by her father, forced to carry and give birth to a genetically impaired, unwanted child, and then usually all alone for the rest of her life, feel like damaged goods, body and soul, spiritually dumped on by good Christians preaching to her that she has murdered a child. Has not been violated? Has not had her own childhood killed? Apparently, public service doesn't open everyone's eyes.

Only with la-la land thinking do people believe that all pregnant females get the support they need and deserve, and all unwanted pregnancies resulting in those (gosh, not so) adoptable and adorable babies find warm and fuzzy homes. People who are CASA's, foster parents or parents of adopted children are usually aware of the reality that exist in this very unfair world. ' Karen Schnabel, Talent

Thank a Californian

OK, all you rich Californians (a.k.a. yuppies), listen up!

The great city of Medford is planning to improve its bicycle-friendly image by adding several bicycle lanes to a number of its existing streets and roads. And, if Johnnie Williams' theory as published in a letter to the MT is correct, then, it is safe to say that this so-called improvement is all your fault!

Well, I do not consider myself to be a yuppie, however, I do feel a certain urge to confess that I am indeed guilty of being a native Californian. And, to make matters worse, I am an avid bicyclist who genuinely appreciates the safety and convenience of a well-marked bicycle lane.

So, take it from me: If you should find yourself happily riding your trusty bicycle somewhere in the Medford area and happen upon a nicely done bicycle lane, please remember to shake hands with and warmly thank the next rich Californian, (yuppie) you meet. ' Steven Embry, Medford

Silencing the hooahs

The Gold Star Moms speak a truth, absent from this administration and voices inside the beltway. Bush, Cheney, Clinton, and Lieberman say stay the course in Iraq. Let them stay the course with their children. Put their children in harm's way.

The Gold Star moms know the difference between patriotism, support of our troops, and the dime store patriotism and false bravado of this administration. It is the Gold Star Moms who will no longer hear the hooahs of their sons whose sense of duty, support of the mission, and acceptance of the risk, but whose lives were squandered and cheapened by an administration adept at deceit and dishonesty.

No, Candise, it is the Gold Star Moms who speak with honesty and conviction, whose children paid the ultimate sacrifice for an administration devoid of morality or humility and thrive on corruption and privilege.

It is the Gold Star Moms who see the damage this war, this administration, is doing to the fabric of our society. This administration is on an unparalleled destructive rampage of our environment, our civil liberties, and constitutional protections on a scale unequaled in our nation's history. These moms support our troops, and your hooah is misplaced. ' Michael Framson, Medford

Show salvaged forest

Those were great photos of the arson fires you ran on Feb. 26. Shocking. Horrible. Effective.

Now, if you haven't already (I don't always read the Tribune and might've missed something), would you run a couple of equally dramatic photos in the same Sunday space '- front page, above the fold. I'd like to see two contrasting pictures: one of a burned forest that has been carelessly salvaged-logged, and another of a burned forest that has been left alone. Preferably, include a flowing creek contrasted to a dry creek bed in the shots.

I'm sure you could get one of our local, reputable environmental groups to take you on a hike to point out prime examples.

Surely there's a solution/compromise to this seemingly endless fight. Or maybe not. It doesn't feel cozy having our own Middle East in our backyard Klamath-Siskiyou bio-region, does it? ' Neti Rest, Ashland

Better start farming

This letter is all bad news. In 100 years, the world population has grown from — billion to 6.5 billion because cheap oil made production of food cheap and plentiful. It currently takes 10 calories of crude oil to put — calorie of food on the table.

The latest government projections indicate the planet will have no more crude oil after the year 2026 A.D. Perhaps as many as 4.5 billion people will starve to death in the years shortly afterward.

I believe Americans should sell their homes in the cities, pool their resources with their friends and purchase land to develop employee-owned farms. ' Rex Snyder, Medford

Use the money for schools

County residents pay 8 percent of their taxes into urban renewal. If you haven't driven through White City lately, you would be shocked by the expensive sidewalks, lights, and landscaping that urban renewal has paid for.

Funny thing, I thought urban renewal was a city tax to renew an urban area. I live in the county where I don't have sidewalks, fancy lights or expensive landscaping, nor do I want it. It is offensive to me that there is an area (can't call it a city) that wants to have city services, but wants the other county residents (who don't get nor want the same services because of the price) to pay for it.

With all of the problems with funding schools, why don't we change the 8 percent of urban renewal for White City welfare and change it to school renewal to support our failing schools? Ask your county commissioner why they are spending your tax dollars subsidizing White City. ' Gene Johnson, Central Point