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Rotarians make magic

I want to thank the North Medford Rotary for the wonderful magic show they brought to our valley on Feb. 28. The proceeds from this show benefited Washington Elementary School, Kids Unlimited, Crossroads High School and scholarships to high school seniors.

It was well-attended and sponsored by area businesses. Many of the tickets were donated to students of the benefiting schools. What a magical night it was for young and old alike. The performers, Gary & Kelsey, were a top-notch act that has performed in Las Vegas and on cruise ships. Thank you, Rotarians; keep up the good work. ' Nancy Monroe, Medford

Rename the magazine

The congressional hearing regarding a post-fire salvage study led by OSU student Daniel Donato was very revealing, though not necessarily surprising.

The study was a short-term, small-scale examination which did not reveal any new information and certainly shouldn't have received the amount of notoriety it did nor should it have arrived at the sweeping anti-logging conclusion it did or which his provocative title suggested.

Mr. Donato submitted his paper to the prestigious Science magazine without consulting his professors at OSU or presenting it to his BLM overseers, who strongly rejected his prior statement that he had done so.

A federal law prohibits the use of federally funded research to campaign for, or against, pending legislation. The contract between BLM and OSU contained a similar clause. The paper in Science did refer to HR4200 which made Mr. Donato appear to be in violation of his contract. The magazine later took responsibility for this political action.

— BLM was right to cancel Mr. Donato's contract but wrong to reinstate it. The editor of Science is very critical of the Bush administration for politicizing science, as he should be. He is wrong to then politicize science himself. Perhaps his magazine should be renamed Political Science. ' Pat Clason, Medford

Protect Crater Lake

The Interior Department has extended the period in which the public may comment on the National Park Service's plan to rewrite the management policies for the national parks. Medford is a gateway to Crater Lake National Park.

It behooves us to take some notice of its management, especially when, despite a promise to fund repair and maintenance of the parks, President Bush has now proposed to cut the national parks' budget by over &

36;800 million. One must wonder what new policies would enable the Park Service to recoup that shortfall in income.

We can only guess. An alpine ski area? A marina on Wizard Island? A tram to the top of Mount Scott? Helicopter rides? World's highest water slide?

Heart-stopping snowmobile rides?

It's a national park, but we live here and we have a vested interest in maintaining the jaw-dropping beauty and environmental integrity of our park. ' Henry E. Rogers, Medford

Walden attacks science

Rep. Greg Walden made one of his few appearances in the Rogue Valley last week to chair a meeting with the sole purpose of attacking the work of OSU scientist Daniel Donato. Following the Rovian script, Walden led an attack on the scientist, the publication Science, research oversight, and research funding.

The science was disparaged with little discussion of how this new knowledge should be used to improve our forests. No public participation was allowed in the meeting. The event was not surprising as Rep. Walden is well-known for his anti-environment voting history and Republican legislators have a record of isolating themselves from any direct contact with the general population.

I couldn't help but contrast this event with appearances in Medford by our Sen. Ron Wyden, who meets the people and stands for two hours listening to citizen's concerns, taking hard, direct and uncensored questions, and then answering every single one of them. ' Joseph T. Suste, Medford