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Letters to the editor

We need our books

Letter writer Sandra Proebstel does not understand one of the most basic premise of civilizations. The library is the vault of mankind's knowledge.

Sure you can find out lots of stuff, even important stuff on-line. I have yet to figure out how to read a good novel or cross-reference the ideas of pagan beliefs and Christian myths. The fact that holding a book in your hand gives one ownership of the contents even if it is only for three weeks. We, the members of our society, must have and keep books. Maybe she needs to read a book called Fahrenheit 451 ' it might give her some insight as to why. Using her logic, every road she drives on with that car that has to park so far away should be a toll road. You pay ' you drive. ' David Maness, Medford

Olsruds are heroes

I just read the story about Sherm's Thunderbird Market donating its portion of the lottery proceeds to two elementary schools. What an incredible way to start Sunday morning!

This community is very blessed to have Sherm and Wanda Olsrud as neighbors. There aren't many people in this world willing to part with some of their money or goods to help those less fortunate. Most people spend their lifetime accumulating and hoarding their wealth for themselves. I don't know the Olsruds but I wish I did and I am very thankful that they live in this community.

We should all aspire to be like them!

That's why I shop at Sherm's Thunderbird or Food 4 Less. They deserve our support and our respect.

— Thanks to the Olsruds for making this community and ultimately this world a better place for all of us. Let's hope their compassion is contagious. ' Beth Baker, Central Point

No consequences?

I was reading on CNN.com this morning that Robert Spencer, in his opening statement in the penalty phase of Mr. Moussaoui's trial said, He lied and 3,000 people died. What strikes me is the fact that Bush lied and a lot more than 3,000 have died! So why is Mr. Moussaoui facing the death penalty while Bush is still in office and likely won't face any serious consequences? ' Steve M. Ryan, Medford

Abortion not a right

Abortion is not a right of passage or a protected privilege allowed because of 'the realities of this world which a recent letter indicated.

Most of these procedures are linked to behavior patterns which result in either poor and pressured judgment or good old-fashioned irresponsibility.

Abortion is not a fait accompli and there are a range of better choices available.

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are sacred words in the American lexicon penned by the sage of Monticello, Thomas Jefferson, and are still viable today.

Unfortunately, in 1973 a very shortsighted and divisive Supreme Court decision was made making that which many regard as immoral, the law of the land.

Wouldn't it have been a wiser course of action by the Supreme Court to have left this controversial and many believe unconstitutional decision to the states and their legislators using the Ninth and 10th Amendments as justification? The issue would have immediately evaporated from the national scene.

May we all be actively engaged in a good cause, whether the prevailing wisdom of the day is in agreement or not ' as our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness are the stakes. ' Joel Marks, Medford

Best use of taxes

The most recent letter to the editor regarding assessing user fees on library patrons to keep those monstrosities open is the best example I can think of for supporting a tax levy to keep libraries open and operational. The dumbing down of America is palpable and depressing and lends to this kind of me first attitude and lack of support for entities that do so much to enhance community life and education.

Fifty percent of households do not have computers but they are available at public libraries for all to use. If it were true that the parking lot at the Medford library was a couple blocks away it would provide a little exercise for a populace that is reaching a rather alarming obesity rate but, in fact, the parking lot is right next to the library for those who are unable to walk far due to illness or disability.

Bring on the proposed tax levy! I can't think of a more worthy way for my tax dollars to be spent. ' Cathy Sullivan, Medford

A different truth?

Regarding David Steinfeld and Tish McFadden, Ashland: If, and that's a big word, the Orfs contacted each and every teenager to be called as a witness to the grand jury and pressed them to tell the truth, then why did they all refuse to tell the truth by hiding behind the Fifth Amendment?

Why were the Orfs contacting the witnesses in the first place? Apparently the truth in Ashland is different from the truth in other parts of the country. ' P. Moran, Medford