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Letters to the editor

Bound to repeat mistakes

We are bound to repeat the terrible mistakes of history until we replace pre-emptive war and violence with pre-emptive peace and humanitarianism. ' Paul Tipton, Applegate

VA hospitals scored well

In the survey of health care and hospitals, the Associated Press story Thursday neglected to mention the high scores that VA hospitals achieved. This doesn't surprise me ' they have been around long enough to know what works and what doesn't, and they pay well enough. As a new RN in the '60s, those nursing assistants and orderlies taught me well at the VA in Palo Alto. I never worked so hard or learned so much. ' Helen Josey, White City.

Stop means stop

Believe it or not, there is a stop sign at the end of the first off ramp going into Ashland and onto Valley View Road. It means that you must come to a full stop before turning ' no matter which way you are turning.

There have been numerous accidents at that intersection resulting in injuries and traffic delays. Please stop! ' Sandra Harvey, Ashland

Ask the 'regular folks'

It's encouraging to see a couple of recent letters to the editor regarding Jackson County Urban Renewal, (i.e. White City Urban Renewal). Some of us in Shady Cove have been addressing this subject with the county commissioners since 2002, starting with Sue Kupillas.

She told a group here in early 2003 that the tax money into White City appeared to be getting out of hand and she'd be looking into it, and get back to us, which she never did. When Commissioner Smith was running for election in 2004, he assured a number of us in Shady Cove that one of the first things he would do when elected was attempt to eliminate that district. In June 2005, he went against that campaign promise, (surprise?), and when I challenged him on this, he said the commissioners took a survey of the industrial folks in White City and they responded with 83 percent in favor of extending the program to 2010.

— I'm not aware of any survey taken on this subject of the regular folks, in Jackson County. So lots of luck to you writers who hope to get any action from our present county commissioners. Just hope they don't extend it past 2010. ' Bill Kyle, Shady Cove

Planners ignore neighbors

The March 5 letter from Jeff Kyker about his negative experience with the Medford Planning Commission in February reminds me of my protest of a then-pending lot split at the January meeting.

My neighbor wants to split his seven-tenths-acre lot into three, in Sky Crest subdivision. This neighborhood was zoned R-2 in the 1970s, but was re-zoned SFR-4 when the city annexed it. It consists of lots of about one-half to — acre, with some as small as one-quarter acre due to lot splits since the city annexed the subdivision.

If permitted, the new houses built would add to population density, small lot sizes in a neighborhood of larger lots, more traffic, lessening the quality of life for the remaining residents. The owners plan to sell (all three lots) so they won't be around to live with the results ' but my neighbors and I will. When I was done speaking, the commissioners immediately voted without discussion to approve the lot split. Gee, the same thing happened to Jeff!

Meeting minimum land-use requirements should not mean a petition must be granted. It should mean a petition may be granted, upon careful consideration by thoughtful commissioners, if it fits within the neighborhood. ' Tom Herod, Medford

Saving which lives?

It is very strange and sad so many politicians feel they must dictate moral behavior of citizens. This was again demonstrated in South Dakota with passage of a state ban on abortion.

These politicians say that they must save the lives of the unborn by banning all abortions. Yet, they do little or nothing to improve the nutrition of poor and pregnant women or to provide such women with appropriate mental health services when needed during pregnancy and which, if provided, would also save unborn children's lives and protect their health in the womb. Each year, projected budget for such needed services are reduced even when they are already inadequate.

If politicians really wanted to save lives, they might as well address the traffic problems which result in more than 40,000 deaths annually. A reduction of 10 miles per hour in maximum speed limits on our highways would definitely result in a significant saving of lives if was enforced.

The South Dakota law is especially egregious in that no exceptions were even allowed for rape or incest-induced pregnancies. ' Gerald V. Mann, Medford