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Helping people down

I read with interest the Mail Tribune's March 20 article, A transition in the works. Shine me on all you want, but I refuse to believe what I read!

The work-release inmates featured in the article would earn minimum wage, with no benefits. Then, after taxes, they have to forfeit over half their gross pay to some heartless bureaucracy. What's left of their remaining pay is pathetically small.

And that is helping people up? In my opinion, it is helping them down! Any entity purporting to helping people up needs to:

1. Refrain from helping them down.

2. Keep their money-grubbing hands out of their pockets.

That program lacks any heart for those in the program. And the victims cannot become self-supporting with some idiot's hand in their pocket. The disadvantaged can't be helped with such monkey business.

— Society at large pays the price for such miserable failures. ' Al Bradford, Medford

Journalistic bullying

The Mail Tribune's editorial on the Grants Pass Cavemen was living proof that primitive mentality doesn't die easily in Southern Oregon.

In the course of creating an insufferable piece of self-righteous journalistic bullying, the editorial staff fails to remember that the caveman statue recently took on heavy damage by arson. So the editorial, Get out your torches guys ... sort of generates a nervousness in those of us who remember the somewhat scary and all too recent torching of the caveman.

Also from the same article: ... when the world began to connect Grants Pass to dim Neanderthals ...? I apologize for being uninformed, but just when was that, and could you give us some sources?

Anyway, thanks for hollering 25 miles up the freeway, We find you Neanderthal ' you need to change! ' more of a Cro-Magnon type statement, I suppose. ' Bernie Conrad, Grants Pass

Thanks for support

On behalf of the Medford School District, I'd like to personally express my thanks to the local businesses supporting our music programs in Medford schools. The following businesses donated money/services to provide a student designed and professionally printed T-shirt for all of our sixth-grade cadet band and orchestra students:

Bellwood Violin, Cripple Creek Co., Larry's Music, Washington Mutual, Rogue Valley Symphony, North Medford High and South Medford High Band and Orchestra boosters.

Thank you for allowing our students these artistic opportunities as we provide quality educational programs with limited resources. Local community members supporting our school programs are greatly appreciated. ' Susan Inman, principal, Jefferson Elementary

Stand up for truth

Protect the Bill of Rights. In that President Bush has far outstripped removed ex-President Nixon in the use of wiretaps, I find it a great affront that he is not removed. If the Republican Party stands for morals and right-doing why is this crime being allowed?

Clinton was charged for lying about Monica, but the lie of weapons of mass destruction has led to a great number of deaths. Why is Congress silent? Stand up for morals, the truth and the American way. ' David Zobrisky, Central Point

Traffic won't watch out

With high gas prices and the winter food storage of this retired Medford resident, I've started a regime of walking where I want to go rather than jumping in the car. I have a valid Oregon Driver's license and practice safe driving habits.

I walk defensively as well, within sidewalk areas and use crosswalks wherever possible.

So far, I've managed to get in about 40 to 50 miles a week. Needless to say, there are some drawbacks to this schedule.

I get snarling dogs at my feet, motorists passing on the bike lane and a very upsetting problem that I encountered recently.

While walking west on Fourth Street. I glanced over to see a couple of teenagers darting in front of traffic. The girl told the young man not to cross over in front of traffic. He told her that it was all right to cross anytime you want because, as he said, I'm from the big city and the traffic has to watch out for us whether they like it or not.

Please! Tell your kids to watch out for traffic and use the crosswalks. Be courteous of others and abide by the law. It's there for everyone's safety. ' Harry Hershey , Medford