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Letters to the editor

Grocers like Sherm rare

A recent MT letter applauded Sherm and Wanda Olsrud of Sherm's Thunderbird Markets for their generosity to the community. I would like to add that as a national food company rep I did business with Sherm for 25 years and found him to be an astute businessman always ready with helpful advice.

Sherm was a pleasure to work with and a real gentleman. Unfortunately people like him are becoming rather rare in the grocery industry. ' Tom Brussat, Jacksonville

Time to stop celebrating

Is it time to end the celebration of a much dumber stunt than that pulled by the Donner Party? ' Joe Ward, Shady Cove

Another MURA experiment

When there isn't enough money available to maintain and support a proper police force and the fire department as well as other essential services, to squander &

36;150 million on Lithia so they can get richer seems like gross waste of taxpayer's money. Like so many others, this is just another MURA experiment that is doomed for failure. ' Paul R. Potts, Medford

Beware pest price

This is a warning! Anyone who has moles, rats or mice on their property should get a second opinion and price for elimination. Above all, do not let scare tactics or persuasive conversation lull you into signing a contract. We were concerned and did just that. We are now having to pay &

36;1,295 to trap and kill one rat, two mice and stop up one rat entrance in our foundation. ' Ila Richardson, Medford

What were they thinking?

The official from the Jackson County Sheriff's Department who opined there was no negligence involved in the Stivers' case has his head stuck in the snow.

— Someone in the vehicle made the decision to drive a large motor home over a rugged, remote route ' mostly unpaved road ' in the middle of winter, that would be challenging for a four-wheel-drive SUV in the middle of summer. If that is not negligence, then chalk it up to stupidity on a monumental scale. ' Richard Ward, Jacksonville

Different kind of patriot

Are you a defeatist if you disagree with our troops being picked off in Iraq, when there's an endless supply of weapons and insurgents?

Are you an isolationist if you disagree with selling our jobs and infrastructure control to other countries so that they'll like us? Is it possible that the rush to bring back eminent domain was so that foreign investors may take over our land and make America's economy grow?

Dubai is just a beginning. Without a follow-through, the White House will continue to believe that if it can't solve the problem with massive amounts of credit card money, the problem can't be solved.

More so than ever, the government is of the government and less of the people. Both parties have obviously been having too many parties, and have forgotten where home is. They're using foreign policy standards when we don't have a rational priority system of our own.

I've never met an American who wasn't a patriot ' we just come in different forms ' and it's time to vote again. ' F.C. Mequish, Medford

Abortion for convenience

On March 5, Megan Christopher wrote that lack of access to abortion would be life-threatening to desperate women who would seek abortions regardless of legality. Statistics about abortion belie Ms. Christopher's claim. Only — to 4 percent of women seeking abortion do so for reasons relating to rape, incest or a life-threatening medical situation. The remainder (96-99 percent) seek abortions for convenience.

Key to the abortion decision is distance to the abortion clinic. Government research shows that as the distance to an abortion clinic increases, the number of women choosing to abort their babies decreases. To carry this thought further, for women who end up not choosing abortion because the clinic is inconveniently far away, what do they do? They give birth and learn to deal with the many challenges that parents face. They grow up.

Ms. Christopher is further confused about personal conviction and morality. Personal conviction has everything to do with eventual outcome. And, our laws should reflect morality. In what way do immoral laws correlate to the promise of our Constitution, the promise of equal protection under the law? The current legalization of abortion flies in the face of that constitutional promise. ' Amber Layer, Medford

They should pay

Question: Why are the media making such a big deal about stupid people doing stupid things? They should have to pay for the search; they made every mistake they could make. ' Phil Gonzales, Medford