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Letters to the editor

If they build it ...

Does MURA really think if they build it Lithia will come? Why would they choose downtown over their own property by the airport? It's a waste of our tax money. City Council wake up! Don't give MURA one more dime of our money that can be used for better things. More police, maybe, seat pads for our new baseball field, assigned parking spaces for all. Stop MURA! ' Tom Michaels, Medford

When life begins

Paul Robinson of Planned Parenthood said there is no scientific, philosophical or theological consensus as to whether life begins at birth or conception.

Before a construction engineer blows up an old building, he must know there is no human life inside. Unless he knows, he can't ignite the explosives. Therefore, the statement we don't know when life begins completely fails to support abortion. If we don't know, we can't kill.

In reality, there is no basis for Robinson's ignorance. Even Planned Parenthood admitted that (abortion) kills the life of a baby after it has begun. Former PP President Alan Guttmacher said, We of today know that man is born of sexual union; that he starts life as an embryo.

In 1981, a U.S. Senate Judicial Subcommittee held hearings on when life begins. Scientist after scientist proclaimed that human life begins at conception. Though invited to do so, abortion advocates couldn't produce an expert witness to testify that life begins at any point other than conception.

Abortion advocate Naome Wolf wrote, Clinging to a rhetoric about abortion in which there is no life and no death, we entangle our beliefs in a series of self-delusions, fibs and evasions. ' Kathy Watson,


Awaiting an answer

Lately, I've been contemplating my life, and have formed a summary: Life is all about connection. That's simply what we all want! Most actions are fueled by the want of connection, whether to oneself, another person, nature, gods. Because of that connection, life functions within communities, needing the resources of other organisms to function.

We all need food, water, shelter and other basic needs, and we rely on other beings and elements to provide for us. But, in light of that, I have also observed the seemingly great effort we take to sabotage our communities, our connections and, indeed, our world.

Let me explain sabotage. It is the slash-logging of forests, the pumping of chemicals into our rivers, the desecration of wildlife habitat, the reduction of our world to expand our wallets.

Sabotage is bombing innocents, cursing or killing out of hate, and the heart closed to compassion. Why, as a society, do we constantly impair our goals of happiness, health and equality for all things? This is a question, as a person who has just begun her journey in life, which I am waiting to understand. If anyone has an answer, it would be welcome. ' Emily Caldwell, Ashland High School student

Not a great example

Making one mistake after another!

First they take their RV with two young children into the wilderness on an unfamiliar road to the coast. Then they get stuck in deep snow for 17 days. Fortunately they made it back alive and well, thanks to our search and rescue people.

The Higginbothams then sneaked off in the middle of the night, lying to their son and daughter, saying they planned on going back to Arizona to face their meth and weapons charges.

But instead, they head north. Canada maybe? Washington authorities promptly nabbed them.

They stand to make a lot of money for this ongoing soap opera with a possible book deal. They should be required to pay back the authorities for the costs of the rescue! What a great example to set for the grandchildren! ' Virginia Kennedy, Medford

Not qualified to serve

The Fourth Amendment takes precedence over any powers contained in Article 2 of the Constitution. This is basic civics. A president who doesn't understand such a basic is not qualified to serve. Legislatures who don't understand this basic principle should resign.

When the Constitution states Congress shall pass no law, it means exactly that. The Patriot Act is one such law passed in violation of the constitutional bar. Impeach Bush and then impeach yourselves for not upholding your oath of office to uphold the Constitution. ' David Blackman, Phoenix

Big cats threatened

Unless people step up and call their representatives or write or call Fish and Wildlife, 40 percent of Oregon's big cats will be destroyed either by government agents or radio-collared hound hunters.

One problem with this is that no one knows how many cougars there are. When does the killing stop? Also, this is being proposed in response to complaints ' statewide there are more human deaths and injuries due to domestic sheep and bathtubs than cougar predation. If you live in the country you need to protect your pets and livestock, not try to destroy all predators. They are there for a reason.

The biblical verse to the effect the earth is thine and the riches thereof does not mean clearcut the wilderness and slaughter all predators. We were meant to be good shepherds. ' Jean Strong, Medford