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Mail Tribune Online Edition

MURA plan makes sense

The naysayers must be stopped if Medford is to become a modern attractive city with a modern work force.

The use of MURA funds solely for sidewalks, utilities and similar improvements that would entice Lithia to locate its corporate headquarters downtown is consistent with what other American cities (usually in the form of property tax abatements) offer every day to attract clean modern businesses. It is time for Medford to join the 21st century. &

8212; Conde Cox, Jacksonville

Music supporters turn out

I would like to thank the Mail Tribune for printing the article about my senior project on March 20. The public awareness of what I was doing brought more than 500 people to this concert and raised more than $1,200 in donations to support the South Medford High School music department. — Thank you to Karen Lollis for speaking at the concert. Karen is a part of an organization called "Saving Music in Medford Schools" (). Because of her passion and desire to keep music alive, the community is pulling together to bring these programs back.

Music is amazing and I can't imagine my life without it. It is truly my passion, love, my soul ... and it allows me to express who I am.

The month of March was "Keeping Music in Medford Schools Awareness Month" and again, I thank the Mail Tribune for supporting this cause. &

8212; Emily Marshall, senior at South Medford High School

Send them a bill

I feel absolutely no pity for the family stranded in the snow as I can just imagine them sitting around their motor home watching the searches day after day and all the while they were counting the ways to spend their ill-gotten gains. Only after they heard the search was being called off did they decide to walk out.

Sorry, but I will not watch any program with you on it and won't buy your book or watch any movie made about you. I think it was disgraceful how you all just sat there watching the news people worry about your whereabouts and wasting all the time of the people who were looking for you. You should be sent a bill for that as Oregon needs to spend its money more wisely than on the likes of you.

You and the panhandlers are not much different! &

8212; Wendy Grammatica, Central Point

What difference?

This is in response to the letter from Jake Layer, printed in the March 31 Mail Tribune.

If the fetus is not part of the woman, what difference does it make if she smokes or drinks during pregnancy? Alcohol and cigarettes are legal, after all. Since the fetus is not a part of her, she's only harming her own self, not any separate human beings, right?

Mr. Layer then writes, "And now that she is pregnant, she is obligated to support the child." In his previous sentence he says that both the man and the woman are responsible for the pregnancy. So, how come only the woman is "obligated to support the child"? &

8212; Margaret Graham, Medford

Ties to Saddam clear

Since the Iraqi war began, the Rogue Valley War Whiners and Bush Bashers have sarcastically accused President Bush of lying about WMDs, Saddam Hussein being tied to acts of terrorism, the safety of America and the world, and so on.

A classic example is the letter to the editor (April 1) by Tom Pentland. Although the repetitious mantra by Mr. Pentland is not new, the information currently being reported by the media from thousands of captured boxes containing documents from the Saddam Hussein regime is new.

Not surprisingly and in stark contrast to the allegations of Mr. Pentland, the documents are providing mounting evidence of a regime involved in terrorism, propagating weapons of mass destruction and plotting deadly war against the United States. In summary, the capabilities of Saddam Hussein were "grossly underestimated."

Interestingly, these new documents have resulted in a unique dichotomy: Either the documents in the desert warehouse in Qatar are false, or the reason the United States went to war in Iraq is gaining credibility. &

8212; John Mittendorf, Medford