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Mail Tribune Online Edition

A horrifying ideaThe political cartoon in the April 11 edition of the Mail Tribune implied that the Republican administration in Washington would be terrified if illegal immigrants could vote. The idea of allowing any illegal immigrant to vote should horrify all U.S. citizens. &

8212; Gene Rushing, Medford

Keep air standardsAir quality alert! Once the third most-polluted area in the country, the Rogue Valley's air quality has dramatically improved, thanks to hard-won clean air rules, that are now in jeopardy!

The EPA is proposing to revoke, by December, the PM10 standard (particulate matter 10 microns or less in diameter) that our local, effective pollution measures are based on, leaving us without enforceable rules for perhaps a decade before revised, and grossly inadequate, standards might be implemented. The American Lung Association is protesting EPA's plan to revoke the PM10 standard without providing protection against air quality backsliding. They are also recommending stricter standards to the EPA that would greatly improve public health.

Please take a moment to urge the EPA, by April 17, not to revoke the PM10 standard in the Medford-Ashland air quality maintenance area and to retain our current air quality rules.

Also, please urge the EPA to adopt all of the American Lung Association recommendations to strengthen health standards.

Comment must be identified with Docket ID Numbers OAR-2001-0017 and OAR-2994-0018, name and address.

To comment, e-mail the EPA: a-and-r-docket@epa.gov, fax: 202-566-1741 or mail: A& R Docket, EPA, Mailcode: 6102T, 1200 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20460. For more information: gaylenehurley@charter.net. &

8212; Gaylene Hurley, Medford

It's still illegalIn the April 2 editorial section, your opinion column presented a view regarding the "illegal immigrant" issue. Name-calling the people who oppose the current opinions of those who protested recently, as "immigrant bashers/bigots" was very unprofessional. (My opinion.)

What is it that you do not understand as the word "illegal?" Sure, it would be impossible to remove the millions of "illegal immigrants," but to say they should stay due to the reasons that you suggested, is still illegal as we are a nation of laws!

My father emigrated from Norway in the early 1900s. He had to have a sponsor (his brother) in order to enter this country. He landed at Ellis Island to start his process of entry. He spoke very little English but eventually he learned and gave up his Norwegian language.

He was "shanghaied" in New York and was forced to work on a ship headed for San Francisco. Somehow he managed to get re-documented with his USA entry visa. After working for many years at low-paying jobs, he applied for his citizenship and became part of this great country. &

8212; Dennis H. Nelson, Medford