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Log it some more!

Isn't it horrible how corporate timber companies were prevented from logging roadless land following the Biscuit fire? Where are they supposed to log after they slicked off their own land? Big timber spends so much money buying off OSU forestry professors and U.S. Congressmen, they need to log roadless.

We must stop rogue scientists studying nature and environmental advocates upholding the law with concerns about clean water, species and habitat. Earth First! ' log it some more! ' Derek Volkart, Ashland

Respect for Latinos

I am responding to Jose Enriquez who feels that he has not earned respect from U.S. citizens. To you, Jose, I want you to know that you and the other members of the Latino community long ago earned my respect. To earn respect in this world takes hard work, positive attitudes, and a strong work ethic no matter what the job or profession.

In the last few years, our organization has contracted with two contractors to do fuel reduction work clearing brush and small trees for fire prevention. These crews are manned by Hispanic crews, and are some of the finest men I have ever seen. These jobs pay well and are open to anybody who has the will to work at these physically demanding vocations.

I also worked with and employed Hispanic workers on my drilling crews when I had a business working in the underground mines of Nevada, and received the benefits of their hard work. I for one thank all of the people who have come to this country to live, work and be part of this great society. After all, except for the Native Americans, we are all immigrants. ' Tony Hess, Jacksonville

A happy Democrat

In a March 5 Mail Tribune piece, Larry Huss rambles on about a Pew Research Group study (I haven't seen the study) that finds Republicans are happier than Democrats. I am a Democrat and although I can't speak for other Democrats, I am gloriously happy.

— Perhaps a bit of seasoning is in order. I prefer liberal to Democrat because in recent years my party has edged so far left I scarcely recognize it at times. Still, even though I often lean right, I believe government is responsible to and for its people. I believe we all believe the same. We separate in a matter of degree. Nevertheless, liberal or Democrat, I am happy.

Mr. Huss next leads us to religion and ethics. In a backward sort of way he implies that those without religion lack ethics. In so doing he demonstrates his lack of depth. Never mind that the Command-ments predate the Bible, as an ethical atheist I resent the implication. ' Jim Ross, White City

Workers are worse off

The other big (non-Iraq) delusion: The economy is strong. In fact, the vast majority of Americans ' workers, that is ' are worse off now than they were in 2000. The unemployment rate is manipulated to appear acceptable while the economy is 7 million jobs short of keeping up with population growth (Paul Craig Roberts). How else explain why 25,000 Americans would apply for 325 jobs at a new Chicago Wal-Mart?

Job growth in the Bush period is the worst by far of the four comparable economic upturns since the 1960s. Average hourly wages and weekly salaries have been flat or falling; for the first time since the Great Depression, Americans have a net negative savings rate; good paying industrial jobs have been outsourced while corporations import cheap foreign technical workers; corporate profits are up by 81 percent since 2001, while wages have risen but 18 percent, not enough to keep up with inflation; the poverty rate has increased, as has the number of Americans without health insurance; corporations are shedding pensions, health care and other worker benefits; inequalities of wealth and incomes have mushroomed, and our industrial base is hollowed out.

The Bush remedy: more tax cuts for the rich. ' Gerald Cavanaugh, Ashland