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Mail Tribune Online Edition

Revisit MURA's visionI support MURA's effort to retain Lithia Motors in downtown but I'm concerned about the confusion surrounding this issue. I encourage MURA and the city to "table" the discussion until we can have real community discussion. Approval now will be divisive and counter-productive.

MURA was formed with a clear understanding that reversing decline in downtown would take many years. Downtown has made tremendous progress but there's much left to do. Liberty Park, alley improvements and other original projects must be completed in addition to Middleford Commons.

The confusion and opposition the commons project has caused are a clear indication that Medford needs to revisit its downtown vision. The community needs time, education and quality discussion to revisit MURA's goals and re-establish the same broadly supported vision that led to the agency's creation.

I hope that a broad coalition of interests, like the Medford Renaissance Committee that helped kick-start MURA to begin with, can be gathered to foster discussion about where downtown should be in 2025 and beyond. Yes, we've come a long way, but we still have important projects to complete, and, in partnership with Lithia Motors, new and exciting opportunities to pursue. &

8212; George Kramer, Ashland

No blooms on McAndrewsTo contribute to better landscaping and enjoyment of the public, my wife purchased a large amount of California Poppy seed Echscholtzia californica to plant along the upper extension of McAndrews Road. This would make a ribbon of gold flowers going up the hill next to the blacktop path.

The plants grew nicely, and this year promised a riot of color. Instead we see them dead and dying for the most part. What happened? Our guess is that the Medford Parks Department took it upon themselves to weed-spray the entire planting. The strange part is most weeds, including Russian thistle, were carefully avoided, thus leaving dead poppies and hordes of thriving weeds.

We wonder if the Parks Department has anyone with a knowledge of plant identification &

8212; apparently not. That helps explain why landscaping was done in some areas with no irrigation system and thus good plants died an early death. We even do some weeding at times to give the landscaping a chance, and folks look at us like we are nuts!

It would be nice if more people would take an interest in the appearance of the extension, which would be a real plus for the city of Medford. &

8212; Robert and Berniece Ferguson, Medford

Respect our lawsThose who may not have made up their minds on the illegal alien issue should know that the Mexican Constitution allows illegals to be jailed for up to two years. In Mexico, a non-citizen cannot demonstrate for or against anything. They station their military on their southern border to keep illegals out.

Illegals in this country provide foreign exchange to Mexico and solve a potentially explosive problem, i.e., providing jobs for a large segment of their population that they can't or won't accommodate.

I fully understand why they want to come here, but wish there were a more rational way to do it. If they want respect, how about respecting our laws first? &

8212; Mel Beaty, Medford