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Mail Tribune Online Edition

Schools, not librariesWhile I recognized the need, and voted for the library bond, I am not willing to pay an additional $27.53 per month for something I do not use. I will not vote for the "operating" tax. Charge a user fee.

Medford schools are falling apart. The only logical bond option for the school district is No. 3. Approximately $2.22 per $100,000. This will replace, and/or repair all of the Medford schools. That bond will get my vote! &

8212; Robert Soltz, Medford

Mormon story disappointingI feel compelled to comment regarding the "Mormon dissenter" article on the April 7 religion page. I am confused as to why an award-winning newspaper would devote an entire top to bottom column, one-fifth of the entire religion page to a negative article that is neither newsworthy nor interesting. — An article on the religion page about the general conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints listened to by over 12 million members worldwide could have been positive. You could have mentioned the report on the vast humanitarian efforts, medical aid and hands-on help given by the LDS church in disaster areas and countries throughout the world.

You could have reported on the exquisite music by the world-famous Tabernacle Choir. You could have reported on the uplifting messages given by leaders of the LDS church, inspiring listeners to be better parents, better neighbors, better people.

Instead, you chose to print an article about a dozen ex-Mormons who meet twice a year to criticize the talks and such things as the speaker's "unnatural facial expressions."

As a former journalist and a member of our community, I'm disappointed in you, Mail Tribune. &

8212; Ronda Williams, Ashland

Bianca deserved supportAshland Police Chief Mike Bianca has built relationships across our community in unique ways for the last 20 years. He is not replaceable and I continue to be flabbergasted by those who think he can be replaced.

To change the culture of an organization is very difficult I am a graduate student in the SOU masters in management program and requires those in leadership positions to support those who are brave enough to inspire change.

One of Mike's accomplishments includes that he received the Peace Maker of the Year Award from Mediation Works in 2005, because he was overwhelmingly the favored visible peace maker, integrating a variety of proactive problem-solving skills into the police force and our community.

He was sworn in as police chief on the Ashland High School quad and he has been a role model for many years. He has protected our rights to free speech and civil liberties. He deserves support at this critical moment. &

8212; Linda Richards, Ashland