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Atkinson report timelyFor those who are interested, this letter is simply to state the facts in regards to the late filing by the Jason Atkinson campaign of what is know as "Contributions and Expenditure" report to the Secretary of State office.

This issue was reported without controversy in the April 14 Mail Tribune.

The filing was due by 5 p.m. April 15. E-filing is encouraged.

The treasurer for the Atkinson Campaign sent the e-mail containing the filing at 4:23 p.m., well ahead of the deadline. This has been standard practice and never been a problem in the past. For reasons only know to computer people, the e-mail was lost in cyberspace. The Secretary of State's office called the Atkinson office to notify them of the non-filing at approximately 6:30 p.m. At that point the Atkinson office forwarded the original e-mail to the Secretary of State's office. The contact there acknowledged the time stamp on the original e-mail as being on time; however, this apparently did not negate the fine imposed. So for those who may have been exposed to some controversy over this event, you can see it is pretty much a non-issue. &

8212; Chris Adams, Ashland

Greif offers professionalismI've had a professional working relationship with Lisa Greif since 1998. I've been very impressed with her professionalism from the time she became employed with Jackson County Public Defender's Office. Greif has the very best attitude, whether she is working with one of the indigent defendants in jail or out, one of us in law enforcement or a member of the general public.

Greif is very qualified and experienced for the position of the Circuit Court judge. She exemplifies the highest quality of ethics and integrity. Her record of client representation is broad and exemplary. This isn't easy when you're working with the many Measure 11 inmates that are housed in the jail for long periods of time.

It's my opinion that Greif will be fair, unbiased and will take time to listen to all sides of the litigation she's assigned to handle. &

8212; Jeanne Walker-Burrows, Grants Pass

Vote for GrenskyI have known Ron Grensky for 15 years; I have found him to be fair and clear-minded in all our dealings. I believe he will make an excellent Circuit Court judge for Southern Oregon. Please vote for the experienced, local candidate for Jackson County Circuit Court judge, position 9 &

8212; vote for Ron Grensky. &

8212; Dale H. Williams, Medford

Hallman for Supreme CourtIt's not often we get a chance to elect a justice to the state Supreme Court because they are often appointed by the governor. But this month, when you get your ballot, I think you will agree there is a clear choice.

Oregon's next Supreme Court justice should be Gene Hallman, a respected Pendleton attorney who brings 30 years of experience representing families and small businesses. He understands issues that Oregonians face on a daily basis because he's worked all over the state.

Hallman has been endorsed by sheriffs, district attorneys and judges. He has also attracted the support of everyone from farmers and ranchers to firefighters and police officers.

I have endorsed him because he has the kind of real world experience we need. Hallman is fair, trustworthy and the best choice for our Supreme Court.

It's time to elect Gene Hallman as the next Supreme Court justice. &

8212; Bob Smith, former congressman, Medford

Bringing people togetherAs a former artillery officer, I had the privilege of working with Dan Davis in local veterans affairs. Getting to know Dan, I was struck by the compassion, intelligence and practicality of this modest, soft-spoken man. Dan, as a young Army captain in Vietnam, was wounded and decorated for valor. He learned the folly of going to war without good cause and, if war, then our veterans must be cared for properly when they return.

Dan, as a successful entrepreneur, insists on private and public fiscal responsibility. He has worked extensively in the Middle East and many other countries worldwide. He is committed to science-based energy and environmental policies.

Dan is the candidate to bring together people of common sense regardless of party affiliation throughout our vast, diverse congressional district. He will represent the people and not powerful moneyed interests that dictate to Mr. Walden. &

8212; Don Morris, Ashland