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Adapt to warmingRegarding the letter from Mr. Lubic MT April 9: Global warming skeptics are guilty of imprecision of language, but global warming proponents are guilty of exaggerating the consequences.

Yes, global temperatures are rising, slightly. The causes are more likely solar than man made and the proposed solutions are laughable. The Kyoto Treaty would have trashed the U.S. economy and allowed China and India to gobble up even more U.S. jobs while turning themselves into mega-New Jerseys. No wonder zero senators voted for it.

Sea levels have risen 4 inches despite dire predictions by Greenpeace and others. No one reports that Arctic temperatures were at present levels in the 1930s. The major consequence has been to lengthen the growing season. Will global warming proponents next complain about more apricots in the Rogue Valley? See "Meltdown" by Patrick Michaels for a more balanced view of global warming consequences.

Global warming proponents think government is the solution to all ills. They proclaim us "victims" and insult our intelligence by denying the human ability to adapt. We are better served by discussing adaptive strategies for the coming increase of a few degrees. With luck, we'll be ready when the Earth turns cold again. &

8212; D.C. Young, Medford Kill federal taxNow that April 17 has passed and Americans have filed their annual drudgery known as a 1040, it's time to give serious consideration to eliminating a federal tax system that is slowly killing this country.

In 1913, politicians hoodwinked the public into accepting an income tax using class envy as the motivating factor. They promised the public that only the "rich" would be taxed. At that time only — percent of taxpayers actually paid taxes. The original tax code was a few pages; today it contains over 66,000 pages of code and regulations.

There is an equitable, revenue- neutral replacement before Congress right now. It is HR25/S25, the Fair Tax, a national retail sales tax that replaces all income, payroll, gift, death and taxes on investment and savings.

Call Sens. Wyden and Smith and Congressman Walden and tell them you want them to support the Fair Tax and pass it this year.

You can learn more by going to . It's time to reclaim your economic freedom. Help eliminate the IRS by taking action today. Sign the petition on line or call me 541-944-3088. Join hundreds of thousands of your fellow citizens in making April 15 just another spring day! &

8212; Doug LaFeve, Medford

Illegals hurt workersVarious media sources have given us many pieces of the illegal immigration issue &

8212; with the emphasis on illegal. I'd like to pull a few together to show the impact on legal wage earners.

Illegal immigrants in the work force cost non-high school grads 14 percent in wages. That means $8.60 an hour rather than $10. High school grads lose 4 to 5 percent in earnings. Illegals don't take jobs citizens won't do &

8212; they take them for less.

How many jobs? Some 60 percent of the 12 million illegals are employed. This means 7.2 million are working. Estimates say they represent 20 to 25 percent of the work force in agriculture, construction, maintenance, etc. So the 7.2 million illegals are reducing the wages of the other 75 percent or more in those same fields.

This means illegals negatively impact the wages of at least 21.6 million legal workers. Maybe we'll see them marching! Sources were Business Week, the Wall Street Journal and this newspaper.

I am the wife of a naturalized American citizen and the mother of a ski area operator who legally brings in South American college students to supplement his staff when necessary. Let's support those who do it right. &

8212; Kathleen Heritage. Rogue River

Shrink drug demandI'm writing because, like most Americans, I love this country. I am very concerned about the amount of illegal drugs coming into our country and the minimal success reported. So, I propose that the demand for them be decreased by the following "One strike and you're out" plan:

1. All government employees have 120 days to be drug-free. If employees fail a drug test after that, they lose their jobs.

2. All companies doing business with any government agency must have a drug-free program similar to the government's.

3. Any recipients of government assistance found to be using drugs would lose their grants immediately.

Considering the numbers of government employees and government-aided business and individuals, I believe this plan would drastically shrink the demand for illegal drugs here. The rest of the world could then see America's seriousness about the war on drugs, as the United States acted among its own to destroy the consumer base that now supports illegal drug use.

We need our government to just say "No!" &

8212; Harry Detwiler, Ashland

Build border wallListening to the morning news on my commute to work, I heard that there are deep divisions between the White House and congressional leadership vis-a-vis a proper response to the challenges of illegal immigration. Some believe in a structured and guided approach to legal citizenship while others believe in forced deportation and a sealed border.

My solution takes the best of both positions. Congress should approve and fully fund construction of a border wall from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico using a WPA model. Only illegal immigrants would be "drafted" to work on the wall. Any who "volunteered" and stayed on until completion would gain citizenship for themselves and their immediate family. Those who balked and had to be conscripted would have to work anyway but could be immediately deported at any time for any reason. We know how hard "those people" work, so the wall would go up as quickly and efficiently as golf course landscaping.

The wall program could even have its' own motto: "Work is Freedom." &

8212; Pat Hayes, Ashland