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Wonderful student musiciansI wanted to say how wonderful the South Medford Jazz Band and their singer is. They were our entertainment at the R.S.V.P.'s annual luncheon at the Red Lion Hotel which my husband and I attended. It proves how important it is to keep music in our schools. &

8212; Marie and Ed Pitcairn, Medford

Consult with parentsBefore getting her ears pierced, going on a school field trip, or viewing an R-rated movie, an under-aged teen must often get parental consent. Yet in Oregon, 15-, 16- and 17-year-old girls can get an abortion without telling their parents. Especially during a pregnancy, these girls need the support of those who love and care about them &

8212; their parents.

The Oregon Family Council is supporting a parental notification ballot initiative. The parental notification law will require that abortion clinics notify a parent before subjecting the daughter to an abortion. There is a judicial bypass for girls who are in abusive homes. This common sense law will encourage girls to consult with their parents before making a life-changing and life-ending decision. To sign the petition, contact the Oregon Family Council at 503-257-0444 or visit . &

8212; Amber Layer, Medford

Protect the InternetGloating telecom giants will get Congress to hand them control of the Internet unless we stop them. Not since the beginning of civilization has there been an invention that has benefited humankind in the way the Internet currently does. I view its preservation in the same vein with the First Amendment, and the protections provided for freedom of the press and freedom of speech.

Enact strong protections for Internet neutrality. &

8212; James Thompson, Talent

You did the right thingI would like to thank whoever found my son's lost wallet and put it in a mailbox completely intact. On Saturday, April 15, he and his girlfriend were visiting from Cascade Locks and walking in Lithia Park when he noticed it was missing.

I was relieved and grateful to be able to mail it to him after I retrieved it from the Ashland Police Department the following Thursday. To the person who so graciously did the right thing, thank you from all of us! &

8212; Janice Dawn and family, Phoenix

Click it and liveTo all drivers, young and old. "Click it or ticket" or, something worse!

This is a story of two young men in my family. Last week, they each had a similar automobile accident on the same night, at about the same time, only many hundreds of miles apart.

First, no alcohol or drugs were involved, just excessive speed for the roads they were on. One was 26 years old, driving a Ford Explorer, the other, 17 years old, driving a Jeep Cherokee. One was wearing his seatbelt, the other was not.

Because of a seatbelt, the 17-year-old will graduate from high school this year and the 26-year-old will be buried.

My message? Please wear your seatbelts! &

8212; Carol McCollough, Medford

Trail of garbageOnce again the residents along the Mount Ashland Ski Road have been afforded the opportunity to clean up the mess that a certain portion of the skiing and snowboarding public has blessed us with.

As usual, as the snow melts, we are privileged to view what those unthinking individuals have left for our enjoyment. Oh goodie, another two or three truck loads of refuse to pick up.

Nowadays whenever I'm asked for directions to the ski area, I simply say "Just follow the trail of garbage, you can't miss it!" &

8212; Jack Sutherland, Ashland