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A money-saving idea I strongly approve of the suggestion by S. Davey of Medford "Library users should pay" in Sunday's edition of the Mail Tribune that only people who use libraries should pay for them.

In fact, I think the idea should be generalized so that people without children of school age should not have to pay for schools; people who do not use emergency medical services should not have to pay for the fire department; and people who do not experience crime should not have to pay for the police department.

Boy, am I going to save money on my next tax bill! &

8212; David E. Newton, Ashland

Most lawn seating free

I want to thank the Mail Tribune for the publicity they create every year for the Jackson County Fair. However, I and others found your April 29 story about the fair concerts a little misleading.

Yes, the opening night, July 18th , will be a "hard ticket" show with Martina McBride. Admission to the grounds will be included in the reserved sections or lawn seating. Those prices will be $55 and $35 respectively.

The rest of the week will reflect times of the past for an $8 admission to all entertainment and include lawn seating.

The Jackson County Fair Board is striving to bring the Rogue Valley the best quality entertainment whenever possible. Some entertainers are extremely expensive and will require higher ticket prices. That being said, we will continue to try to provide the best value for the dollar for our patrons and supporters. &

8212; Leigh Johnson, president, Jackson County Fair Board

The new emperorNever, never did I believe the United States government could be taken over except by a foreign invasion. What naivete!

The April 30 Boston Globe published the information that George Bush has negated the effect of over 750 new laws passed by Congress by issuing a "signing statement" when he approved certain congressional bills. He has quietly claimed the authority to disobey these laws, through "signing statements," asserting he has the power to set aside any statute passed by Congress when it conflicts with his interpretation of the Constitution.

So it's two down and one more to go: Bush owns the White House and controls congressional legislation obey the laws or don't, just issue a "signing statement". With another appointment to the Supreme Court, it's "end game" and time to crown the new emperor! &

8212; Bud Carroll, Ashland

Judge's elitist perceptionIn an April 18 article, Joe Charter said, "I think for diversity reasons, we should have another woman on the bench."

Wow. Not because she's an intelligent, capable woman that is supported, obviously, by other judges and attorneys but just because it would be good to have another woman on the bench.

Then he says, "he's found he enjoys hearing traffic cases and having "contact with common people."

Common people? What category does this person put himself in? This elitist perception by some of the judicial members of our communities astounds me. Hope others are paying attention, too. &

8212; Signe Wilson, Medford

Give a demonstrationIf Iran wants a nuke so badly, I'm all for giving them a personal, up-close demonstration of how one works. &

8212; L. French, Medford

Speed limit questionMaybe I'm missing something. Didn't ODOT recently expend huge amounts of time, labor and money to widen Table Rock Road, so traffic would move through faster? So, who was it that then dropped the speed limit down to 45 mph to move traffic through slower? &

8212; F. Calderone Blake, Sams Valley