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Food for thoughtAn article about Medford widening its urban growth boundary made me think, "Why are developers building more homes and making lots of money and yet our schools are needing repair." Why is the City Council letting more homes be built?

Who pays for the schools, roads, and sewers that need to accommodate the influx ?

We'll have more traffic congestion and poor air quality.

What's important — &

8212; Kathy Eck, Jacksonville Call panhandlers for helpIn response to your article regarding panhandling in Ashland, I have a suggestion for Ron Roth, co-owner of Geppetto's Restaurant: If you are ever confronted by a masked gunman late at night, when you are alone in your establishment, don't call 911; a well-trained police officer with a shaved head and, horrors, a gun, may just show up to help you out.

Instead, call a panhandling couple with dreadlocks and a puppy. I'm sure they would be more than happy to possibly lay down their lives for you. &

8212; Donna Chambers, Central Point

The game is almost lostIn a true and strong democracy, the children and elderly come first.

In a capitalistic system, the priorities are bank accounts first, patrons and friends second, and country third. That is not a government, that is children playing with Monopoly money. America is at least $10 trillion in debt. That game, if something isn't done now, is about to be lost.

The American problem cannot be investigated by this administration, or this Congress. Who could, or would, investigate the investigators?

I have an idea, finally. Why don't we all meet at the Alamo? We could trap a Fox, remove a Bush, roast a Rumsfeld over the fire, unCheney our hearts and set us free as it were.

Mr. Fox and his government have been playing Castro with America for years, and few even question his part in this dynamic infiltration. It would be very interesting to find out why the president of Mexico is smarter and stronger than the president of the United States. &

8212; F.C. Mcquish, Medford

Don't tolerate lawlessnessRacism is illegal just like an illegal alien is a criminal. This is not a new concept.

The anarchists who are trying to disrupt the American economy should take notice that America will not tolerate lawless people who have no right to be here making demands that can only be made by a legal citizen of this country.

Fellow Americans, write and call your representatives; demand that they enforce the laws that exist. &

8212; Bryan Merideth, Medford