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'Illegal' is correct"We are not criminals." This statement came from a Hispanic man in the May — march on Medford.

Well, according to the laws of this country &

8212; as well as most all others &

8212; you are a criminal if you came here illegally. And just because you were able to cross our borders without being stopped or arrested does not make your actions legal. You are not an immigrant. This status is reserved for those who have applied and been accepted to be here legally. You are not a citizen, nor an "undocumented worker," whatever that is.

And, if you have somehow avoided deportation and been here for some time, the length of your stay does not confer any special status upon you. "Illegal alien" is the term most appropriate. America, like all other nations, functions under the rules of law. We cannot pick and choose which we will obey or disobey. If you obey these laws, you must apply for immigrant status and await your turn behind others from many countries. Millions of Americans, now and in past decades, have honored this process.

Any political party, politician or government worker who knowingly obstructs or subverts U.S. immigration laws should be condemned. &

8212; Louis W. Helmer, Medford Goldberg's booming barkWith Bush's approval level sinking to record lows, the slick Republican propaganda machine, so skillful at spewing out a fog of lies and half-truths for every occasion, is in deep trouble. Their lies propping up Bush are being exposed faster than Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and his ilk can crank out new ones. Faced, then, with the virtually impossible task of defending a president who is no doubt as stupid, hypocritical, incompetent and criminal as his record suggests, where can they turn?

Well, there's always Jonah Goldberg, the faithful attack-dog whose booming bark masks his toothless bite. At the Wall Street Journal where he's kenneled, his masters loose him even on hopeless cases, and so on May 4 in the Mail Tribune, he was unmuzzled to defend Bush.

Unfortunately for Goldberg's defense, however, he compares our criminal Republican president to another criminal Republican president, Richard Nixon. Nixon, as it turns out, smells no worse than the reeking Bush.

As a failed strategy, it brings to mind Dr. Johnson's famous line when asked which of two bad poets was the better: "Sir, there is no settling the point of precedency between a louse and a flea." &

8212; Isaac Walker, Ashland

Their twisted religionMr. Robinson suggests that outlawing abortion would be "imposing repressive religion on everyone through the power of law." Would he have used the same argument against the slavery abolitionists in the 1800s? The abolitionists were devout Christians who claimed slavery violated divine law. Does this mean that they were wrong about slavery? Should blacks still be in chains instead of "imposing the abolitionists' repressive religion on everyone through the power of law"?

Actually, abortion advocates are the ones espousing their own twisted religion. With blind faith, they deny the obvious humanity of the unborn. It's important to dehumanize your victim so that it's easier to kill him. Pro-aborts force their religion on the unborn baby by ripping off his limbs, crushing his head and disemboweling him &

8212; yet another human sacrifice to the god of convenience.

Like slavery, abortion is a human rights issue. The unborn are human beings and therefore deserve human rights. Instead, the powerful kill the weak because the weak are in the way and can't defend themselves. We don't have to look to Iraq to see grotesque human rights violations. We have to look no further than Planned Parenthood. &

8212; Jake Layer, Medford