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Neighbors object to densityOnce again, we would like to state that the Northeast Medford Neighborhood Coalition is not trying to stop the development of Cedar Links Golf Course. Early on we made it perfectly clear, the Jantzers have their right to do so. What we object to is the high density, the commercial portion, the congregate care facility and the public pathways for which maintenance is to be paid for by the homeowners association. &

8212; Tom Michaels, Medford

MySpace has positivesWith all the recent attention that "social networking" is getting in the news, nobody has once looked at the good it has done. This so-called MySpace has done a lot of good as well. It's not just used by murderers, child molesters, and other scourges of society.

MySpace is a great place to find old friends, alumni, events in your area, music, artists, movies, etc. It's a great way to connect with like-minded people and you can join "groups" that interest you. It's a shame MySpace and others have been cast in such a negative light and it's a bigger shame that it's grown to be such a "problem" it's even banned by most employers. Social networking is here to stay whether you're doing it via traditional means and bar hopping or doing it the "cool" way and using MySpace. &

8212; Steve M. Ryan, Medford

We can fix gas crisisOn May 5, Mr. Feeney posited that the Democrats are responsible for high gas prices. Wow!

Really, both parties are to blame. America's dependence on fossil fuels is the problem. We need true political leadership, to inspire the rapid development and deployment of renewable, clean fuel sources.

We have the technology today; we just don't have leadership. I remember the oil embargo in 1973, 33 years ago when OPEC raised oil from $3 to $5.11 a barrel. There was a hue and cry back then to develop other fuels, but we let it die away.

Patents on alternate energy sourced mechanisms solar, electric, steam and others were quietly bought up by big business and mothballed. Energy and auto companies did not, and will not, make any moves to alternate sources of energy, as long as the status quo technology makes business sense to them.

If we can put a man on the moon, we certainly can lead the world once again to cleaner, renewable energy sources and retake our role as a world leader. What can you do? Ride a bike, walk, car-pool, take a bus; use your imagination. If you want change, stop pointing fingers and take action. &

8212; Doug McDonald, Medford

Immigrants built nationThis is a response to Franklin Oakes' letter of April 18, "Say it in English."

Half of the people in this country are descendants of the huge European migration to this nation, which occurred about 1880 to 1915. Most of these immigrants could not speak English. They spoke German, Yiddish a derivation of medieval High German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Hungarian, Slovakian, Spanish, etc. Just name any European language, it was spoken here.

There were no immigration quotas. Each nationality tended to cluster together in the large cities such as New York, Chicago, Philadelphia. You had the German area, the Italian area, the Jewish area, the Polish area, etc. It is not easy for adults to learn a new language. They took whatever low-paying jobs they could get. My grandfather worked six days a week, 10 hours a day and the boss gave him work to take home on Sunday.

The descendants of these non-English speaking immigrants built and defended this country. They became our engineers, our professionals, our mechanics, our factory workers, our farmers, our soldiers. They became our country.

Do you think it is any different with the Hispanics entering our nation now? I think not. &

8212; Steve Kerwin, Medford