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SOHS looks to futureThe Southern Oregon Historical Society will celebrate its 60th birthday this summer with a strong, clear vision of the future. The staff and the board of SOHS are dedicated to creating new and better exhibits and programs, and an expanded collection of artifacts. We will continue to grow and serve &

8212; despite the dwindling of county funds &

8212; because we know what we do and what we preserve is priceless.

We acknowledge the difficulties that come with the reduction of county support. It has not been an easy transition to go from a mostly tax-supported organization to one that is largely funded by memberships, donations and grants in four short years. But like any reputable business, the SOHS board has learned to make hard budget decisions, and carry them out. We have policies and procedures for handling employee performance and grievances. And we have complete confidence in our executive director and our wonderful, professional staff.

We truly welcome ideas and comments from members and the public we serve. We ask for your support, and look forward to making history together for the next 60 years. &

8212; Bob Stevens, SOHS president, Jacksonville signed on behalf of Stevens and 11 members of the SOHS Board of Trustees

Calls aggravate voter

This letter is to thank all the politicians who made it so much easier for me to decide who to vote for in this election. I had a whole list of those who called me on the phone to interrupt my busy day or to leave me a message. Sal Esquivel and Ron Saxton come to mind.

I don't have the whole list with me as I don't have my own computer. But I have asked the phone company for the block on my line to prevent unsolicited calls as I am not well and don't like being awakened from my frequent naps &

8212; and you call me anyway.

I thought it was illegal for folks who are trying to sell something namely themselves to call someone who has this block I'm not sure what it's called on their line. So, thank you very much for making the list of choices shorter and letting me know I did not have to consider voting for you. &

8212; B. Wood, Jacksonville

Newsletter handled poorlyI have two children in Medford schools and I am in complete support of our teachers. Superintendent Phil Long and board Chairman Larry Nicholson have handled the newsletter about contract negotiations quite poorly.

While I agree with Mr. Nicholson that the district has an obligation to "inform parents of issues that affect students," the letter in question didn't just inform, it was quite simply a letter to sway my opinion against the teachers and into the district's corner. Both the original and the updated newsletter had undertones and innuendoes that I found unprofessional and unbecoming of the district.

These men speak of saving the taxpayers' money, yet seemingly have no problem spending the money to print and send the newsletter to 7,500 households along with the costs of using district classified employees to prepare the letters. They also seem to have no problem paying $52,500 to a PR firm or paying over $100,000 a year each to Mr. Long, Mr. Miles and Mr. Jantzi. Are they all going to take cuts in pay and health insurance alongside the teachers?

Mr. Long, you may not think that you have done anything wrong legally, but morally you were way off the mark. &

8212; Kristina Shellhorn, Medford

Airport inconvenienceHaving recently had the opportunity to use the Medford airport, and with the article in the paper regarding the lack of a restaurant, I must say it is embarrassing to call this our airport.

Our flight was delayed and we would have gladly purchased breakfast had a facility been available. In fact, my husband recently traveled and before he left we had what was apparently the "last lunch" at the Red Baron before it was suddenly closed.

Many travelers take the opportunity to eat at airports, especially with the required early check-ins ever since the 9/11 incident and security increase. On our recent trip, we ate meals at two different airport restaurants while waiting for our flights.

I hope the airport managers realize the inconvenience they are causing travelers as well as the loss of revenue to themselves and replace the Red Baron as soon as possible. &

8212; Terri Mulder, Central Point