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Letters to the Editor

Different fish killersDo you not think that the removal of the "fish killing" Savage Rapids Dam is somewhat ironic? With the removal of the dam there will be more fish for a fisherman to kill! Only in Oregon! &

8212; J.A. Robinson, Grants Pass

An act of honestyA friend of ours from Berkeley attended the Ashland Fourth of July Parade with us. We were looking forward to a wonderful time.

However, after leaving our parked automobile, she lost her new earring somewhere along the way. She scoured the five blocks distance from the parked car to the parade but with no luck in finding it. I suggested that we check with Dana Welsh, who was in charge of the vendors for the event. We left our phone number with her, just in case someone found it and turned it into her. Both our guest and my husband were extremely skeptical that anyone would turn it in if indeed they found it. We were home no longer than 10 minutes when the phone rang. It was Dana saying that someone found the earring and turned it in. It is kindness, honestly and thoughtfulness like that which makes me proud to call Oregon my home. &

8212; Jill Cobb, Jacksonville

Ashland celebrates FourthSince Ashland was/is having such a hissy fit about the bank flying the American flag, I am shocked that they would allow a Fourth of July parade. &

8212; L. French, Medford

Don't give Huss a forumContinuing to print the anti-tax, anti-union and anti-government drivel of Larry Huss only furthers society's divide and does nothing to answer the serious problems of the day. More people and more complicated issues demand something better than spouting trite slogans like "no new taxes" and beating up on public unions that only want for their workers what all workers should want: a family wage and good benefits.

Thanks to a generation of bad tax measures and bad policy, many of our government institutions are on the verge of mediocrity or collapse. It is time to stop giving people like Huss a forum to spout their right-wing venom and start having a real discourse on how we are going to adequately fund schools, police and other government services that make our society better. &

8212; Jeff Palmer, Medford

The global warming viewPlease see "An Inconvenient Truth" if you question the reality or the crisis of global warming. If mainstream reading has convinced you that pesky liberals are just rekindling their '60s eco-paranoia, and you doubt the validity of their Chicken Little cries, then please see this movie or read scientific journals, and re-examine your popular media influenced ideas.

If you don't like Al Gore, forget that he's the messenger &

8212; just listen to the facts. "An Inconvenient Truth" contains fact-filled research and beautiful photos depicting: how Earth looks from space, the craggy grandeur of glaciers (and the visible horror of their disappearance), what global warming means for weather patterns, trees, oceans, and populations.

Global warming confronts us with huge moral dilemmas; our world is at grave risk, changing profoundly with catastrophic impacts. Simple lifestyle changes can reverse devastating warming trends. Check out this personal audit impact checklist shows what you can do to facilitate needed change: . &

8212; Susan Roudebush, Ashland