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Letters to the Editor

Teens need teachingOne of Medford's sorriest attributes is its numerous spoiled, ill-mannered youths, blasting sick, perverted rap music from basketball-sized car speakers day in and day out. Much of this music praises drive-by killings, child molestation, free-basing, pimping and murdering police officers.

God, how sad. Many Medford parents need to get away from their DirecTV and oversized $35,000 station wagons and start teaching their teens simple values that they should've learned at age 6. &

8212; James Snyder, Medford

Get in on the growthI am a home owner in Phoenix, and the first thing I'm going to do is buy stock in Lithia Motors. If we are going to be gaining 187,000 more vehicles by 2020, then I want in on the growth. I just got back from a trip to San Diego, Calif., and I speak from experience that people here have forgotten or just don't know what a traffic jam is.

I've never heard of a place that does all in its power to keep business out and jobs away. I understand that years ago the city forefathers fought the four-lane highway from going around the downtown of Medford. I guess they thought no one would ever want to live here.

I love my home in Phoenix and we can use the improvement of our downtown. I can only foresee it being cleaned up and new businesses coming in and old ones updated.

I have to wonder if all the complaining is not really because Wal-Mart is coming in. I'm sure the people complaining now will be the first in line to shop there. &

8212; Cheri Neely, Phoenix

Tolerance lacking in AshlandThe story about damage and attacks on David Fagan's vehicle in Ashland comes as no surprise to me. Unfortunately, the prevailing attitude in Ashland seems to be that tolerance is strictly a one-way street. Ashland residents who voice conservative opinions do so at their own peril. Conservative expression in the public forum is loudly mischaracterized as intolerance.

We have conservative Ashland friends who say they keep a very low profile, strictly to avoid vandalism. No bumper sticker, political lawn signs or letters to the editor for them. Their more outspoken friends in Ashland routinely pay the price in vandalized cars and home.

"Tolerance" is no longer anything but a buzzword, and the liberal community ignores the true and complete meaning. Real tolerance requires respect for another's viewpoint, even if disagreement remains. That attitude of respect in the face of disagreement is notably lacking in Ashland.

Wake up, Ashland! The shoe is on the other foot! This obnoxious Ashland intolerance of anything but liberal expression is driving away diners, shoppers and entertainment seekers who consciously choose to take their dollars elsewhere. &

8212; Kristin O'Driscoll, Jacksonville

Political vandalismLast presidential election I was (and still am) a Kerry supporter. I obtained a "Veteran for Kerry" sticker, and put it in the window of my car. While parked in the lot of a local gym, someone, probably a right-wing Republican, took something very sharp to the side of my car, right under my Kerry sticker. That cost me $600 to repair. I no longer frequent that gym; he or she goes there, and I no longer have any use for the right-wingers.

So for you, Medford, Republican, Ashland-bashers, a big fat juicy raspberry! &

8212; Walter Wright, Medford