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Bring back curb dropsHas anyone tried to return a book to the library before or after hours lately? The money being spent to put a "cover over the drops so folks won't get wet" is ridiculous at best! Why not just put two receptacles on the curb like they used to have? It would save money and no one would get wet. Give me a break! &

8212; Leslie Maness, Medford

Effort creates scholarshipsThank you all. By the time we got all our tallies in and totalled, we were lucky enough to give out two scholarships. One to a young lady and one to a young man.

The help of a special friend of mine with a broken leg, sitting at home between doctor's appointments, helped me very much. Mary M. is a very special part of my life. She put up fliers on crutches while I was at work. As my son Steve would say, we were out "begging" for services, donations or gift certificates. I want to thank my Bear Creek family for all the time and effort they put out for my son.

Please remember not to forget him. From all our hearts and all our tears, thank you. &

8212; The Bechlers, Ernie, Pat, Mike and Steve

Give children their shotsI have something to say to the mothers of young children. I hear that some of you don't want to give them shots to prevent illness.

If only they had shots for polio 71 years ago, my life would have been a lot easier. I was only 2 years old, and I can remember the pain and the nights I spent at the Shriner's Hospital in Portland, away from my family for months at a time.

I was one of the lucky ones, at least I could breathe. I just couldn't walk without braces and crutches.

I prayed that they would find a cure, so that no other child would have to go through that.

I hear that you think that the shots will hurt your babies. But that pain is nothing to what they will have if they get some of these illnesses.

Polio isn't the only thing I know about, as my grandmother died of measles when my dad was young.

I gave my children shots as soon as I could.

So, do it for your little ones and they will thank you for it later. &

8212; Lois Beeson, Phoenix

Democrats have a plan"The Democrats don't have a plan!" That's another sound bite probably planted by Republican strategist Karl Rove to distract Americans from the messes of the Bush administration.

We're deeper and deeper in the quicksand of their misguided venture in Iraq, and the Democrats get blamed for not having a plan for getting us out! But it's a Catch 22 situation: If we pull out soon there will be a civil war in Iraq, and if we "stay the course," more Americans and Iraqis will die &

8212; and then we'll probably have a civil war, or worse, there. Beware the sound bite!

Well, the Democrats do have a plan! First, elect enough Democrats to Congress this November so we will no longer have a Congress abdicating to King George and the greedy lobbyists on every important issue. Next, elect a good Democrat as president in 2008. We will once again have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people!

Will it immediately solve the problems of Iraq, global warming, the huge national debt, health care, Social Security, education, etc.? No! But it's the only way to stop the bleeding and redirect this great nation onto its rightful path. &

8212; Roy Sutton, Ashland