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A lot like NeroAs the president says, "This job's a lot of work."

It is difficult &

8212; trying to keep track of all the lies &

8212; and who told them.

Like the editors of this newspaper: It is difficult trying to keep the editorial page full of trivia with such glaring issues to be discussed. It's a lot like Nero fiddling while Rome burns.

As one of our forefathers said, "We can lose our democracy when good men do nothing." Enough said. &

8212; Ed Scanlin, Medford Rider supports RVTDLiving here for five years, I've seen many changes to RVTD's bus service and wish to say that It's been a pleasure to watch a service not only double its departures on all routes, but also see a much-needed improvement of the buses we ride in.

I'm a vet and have been paying 50 cents to get to the veterans domiciliary from downtown. Now I gladly pay $1. Sure I wish it still could be half of that, but at some point in time we have to pay more or attract more ridership.

Cutting a route is not an answer to anything. I came here from San Jose, the service there is awful. And it's more than $4 for a day pass. I don't know if a day pass is viable here, but, it's just another idea. The planning on the train service is ongoing, and I don't really know if that will help or hinder our bus service. One thing certain is that they will need to connect.

With growth Medford should be able to support such a great staff and services rendered by RVTD. Thanks too, RVTD, for the security now at the station &

8212; Mike Hinkes, Medford

Opp mine would be disasterThere are efforts to cause some real distress to the residents near the Opp mine and livability for Jacksonville residents. If this project is allowed it will affect the air quality, threaten well water, possibly causing some wells to be lost and the general quality of life to be reduced.

There will be blasting and rock crushing which will expose arsenic and other long-buried poisons to the air to be carried over Jacksonville. The damage to the mountain will be seen from the valley floor. The trucks will be entering Highway 238 just past a dangerous curve, posing a traffic hazard.

The Opp mine is part of the history of Jacksonville. This area will be destroyed, not to be used again. It will be gone. The desirability for tourists will be lessened as 50 trucks or more a day go through downtown Jacksonville. Please don't let this happen. &

8212; June Mather, Jacksonville

OHP process unfairThe Oregon Health Plan re-enrollment process seems unfair to those in our community least able to speak out for themselves. Apparently people on OHP need to re-enroll every six months or they are automatically disenrolled from the plan. If they do not re-enroll in a timely fashion, they may not re-enroll, since OHP is not accepting new enrollees.

Supposedly, notice is sent out alerting people that they need to re-enroll, but, in the case of my brother, this did not occur, and we only found this out when we were unable to refill his six medications.

Fortunately, we were able to re-enroll him and get his medications refilled after completing paperwork identical to what we had completed six months ago. All this seems like an unnecessary hoop for people to go through to maintain their OHP coverage, as well as a waste of staff time.

Disenrolling people from OHP without notification seems a sinister way to save the state money. Many people do not have advocates, regular contact with their social workers or the ability to maneuver through the system to maintain their OHP coverage. Perhaps, there could be a better way to reduce fraud within the system. &

8212; Susan MacKinnon, Medford