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Lurning the langwidgeFront page news! Alan Mole of the "American Literacy Council" (an ockseemoron if ever ther wuz wun) wants to dumb down the language to make kids feel better about their illiteracy. Since when is "faeluer" easier to remember or learn to spell than "failure"; and how is "aulwaez" easier to remember or spell than "always"? Is Spanish any more phonetic than English? "LL" is pronounced "ya"; "qui" is pronounced "key". Phonetic? I think not!

The main point of the discussion is buried on Page 8A. Mr. Bear is the correct one in the article; words do get their meanings from prefixes, suffixes, and root words. It was not so long ago when kids were taught Latin in school and it was required! Why? Because it is the root language of all the romance languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, etc. Kids who learned Latin could understand the rudiments of any of the European languages. These kids had a real advantage!

A better suggestion is to require that our children learn the language and to spell it correctly and to actually think about the origins and meaning of the words they use to convey ideas! What a concept! (noh puhn intendid!) &

8212; Tracy Van Hee, Eagle Point

Judge did the right thing

San Francisco's anti-gun ban was overturned. San Francisco Superior Court Judge James Warren issued a 30-page decision in "Fiscal it al v. San Francisco", a timely challenge to this damnable, oppressive and discriminatory ordinance banning handgun possession and firearms sales in the city. The court likewise held the anti-gun ordinance was pre-empted by state law, and invalidated the ordinance in its entirety. This decision is posted at . Case number is CPF-05-505960.

If this socialist ordinance had prevailed, all San Francisco residents would have been politically targeted, jailed without due process for a minimum of 90 days, and up to six months in the local gulag, if caught in possession of a handgun. Since the vast majority of gun owners are innocent, honest, working-class people who desire to only mind their own business, this vile anti-gun agenda would have had negative and punitive repercussions.

Most people can't afford an armed body guard 24/7, as do political elitists (usually at taxpayers' expense via extortion and graft!). Thus, endorsing a .38-caliber revolver or other handgun remains sound both morally and historically as affordable and effective "security protection/life insurance." &

8212; James A. Farmer, Ashland

Construction hurts GreenwayMedford is a nice town. I enjoy coming there from the Illinois Valley. One of Medford's attractions to me is the Greenway. I was disappointed when the pedestrian overpass was destroyed by the designer of the recent Highway 62-Interstate 5 interchange. Now that same designer is resisting allowing the Greenway to go under Barnett Road.

I wish there was someone who had the authority to fire this person. Most people see the Highway 62-I-5-Biddle interchange as wasteful of available space and confusing to navigate. &

8212; A. Karger, Selma