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Ballot should be uniformThe USA was seen as the quintessential democracy by many developing countries of the world. The 2000 national election process in Florida altered that perspective when the U.S. Supreme Court over-ruled its representatives of the people to decide. —

Florida is a metaphor for the problems of our national elections. The ballots in key states vary in form and the ways they're counted from precinct to precinct. Many are complicated, defective and cause voter confusion &

8212; it takes time to recount them well. The electronic voting machines without receipts cause voters to be suspicious that the election is rigged or manipulated by the machines manufacturer, which is biased and has a political agenda &

8212; voters feel their vote won't be counted.

The voting ballots for our national elections need to be uniform. The concept of uniform ballots for U.S. president, senators and representatives that are fraud-proof, uncomplicated and effective in all of the 50 states is practical and long overdue &

8212; don't let the federalists who believe in state rights tell you differently. They lost their credibility when they took away Florida's rights in its election. The real issue for "The People" is voter rights and to have a fair and honest election process. &

8212; Richard Altig, Talent

An alarming revelation

The minuscule law enforcement contingent of BLM's Medford District (two officers to cover 862,000 acres) was an alarming revelation (MT 7-16).

For 10 years, BLM's been developing a 35,000 acre Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) Recreation Plan, with law enforcement presence assuring off-road trail monitoring for use and restrictions. Is this really possible when the entire district has only two officers?

The plan reportedly includes racing events that usually last several days which have been called "world class," with riders coming from out of state. Will extra enforcement be on duty at such times?

BLM's reported that when the plan's approved, it won't include law enforcement needs. BLM will ask the state to supply a yearly grant for this requisite. Without the certainty of substantial law enforcement, there is not plan at all. And, to leave this need to the state's less than abundant coffers is an absurdity.

It would mean much of the Applegate Valley's land (the location of the recreational plan), its forest, and its wild creatures will be sacrificed for the pleasure some derive from riding mechanized adult toys. &

8212; P.R. Kellogg, Grants Pass