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Growth favors TribuneThis newspaper's Sunday editorial argued that Ashland and Jacksonville must help accommodate thousands of Californians and others migrating to the Rogue Valley. Simultaneously a guest opinion from Howard Johnson, a Seattle immigrant, appeared.

Since he did not identify his occupation, it is impossible to say if Johnson's justification of Jacksonville growth was unbiased. The Tribune however has much interest in favoring development. It cannot continue much longer without increasing circulation. &

8212; George McCartin, Jacksonville

Review driving habitsTo the lady driving north on Springbrook Saturday, smoking a cigarette, talking on her cell phone and tailgating me, with one hand on the wheel part of the time: I suggest she review her driving habits or perhaps take a driver refresher course before she is involved in a serious accident. &

8212; Harlan Moore, Medford Concerned by cut plansI'm concerned that the Mount Ashland Association plans to begin clearcutting the upper Ashland watershed in September.

Cutting trees is planned before all legal challenges may be heard in court and before the Mount Ashland Association has complied with the 2005 Ashland City Council resolution asking for citizen environmental oversight, a business plan for expansion and an updated reclamation cost estimate in case the ski area folds and Ashland citizens have to pay for the cleanup. Cutting trees before the legal process has played out is a well-known tactic used by unscrupulous timber companies, and it's surprising to see the leaders of our community ski area operate this way.

I worked along with other local skiers to develop a community alternative for expanding the services at our wonderful, community-supported Mount Ashland, a plan that would not have disturbed sensitive stream areas and not increased costly sedimentation into our water system and not kept the price of lift tickets soaring. The Forest Service and the Mount Ashland Association ignored our proposal.

By planning on cutting in September, I'm afraid the Mount Ashland Association again demonstrates an insensitivity to the concerns of citizens who generally support skiing in the Rogue Valley. What a shame. &

8212; Andy Bayliss, Ashland

Save RVTDRVTD needs the extra money that it will receive by becoming a mass transit district. This needs to happen as soon as possible. Not a few years from now.

Another source of funding is the pay through the payroll tax. This is paid by employers and they are able to claim a good-sized portion of it on their federal taxes.

The city of Medford should start helping RVTD with funds. Even if everyone pays just $5 per person each year, this would bring in more needed money.

The main point is more money is needed to keep the existing level of service and to be able to expand service. Having later and Saturday service is what the people living in this area need. It is RVTD and their board of directors' responsibility to make this happen and start the ball rolling. &

8212; Arlene Warrender, Medford

How to win the warPrior to 9/11 our former president had at least two opportunities to kill bin Laden.

Intelligence had designated his tent and a task force was ready to go. Because of the possibility of harming civilians, it was called off. Ask the friends and relatives of those killed in 9/11 and elsewhere if this makes any sense.

During World War II and later in Serbia our bombers killed thousands of non-combatants. Is it humane to kill from 10,000 feet but not if faced by civilians who happen to get in your line of fire? And how sad it is that our media dramatize every small infraction they can dig up, some made in the heat of battle, an experience they have never encountered. More physical punishment is used in our prison system than a soldier is allowed to use against an enemy who has just killed his buddy. If we had conducted World War II in this manner, we would have lost.

Terrorists are taught from childhood to kill non-believers and will continue to do so whether we stay in Iraq or leave. Let's work together and win this war with the least possible loss of American lives. &

8212; F. Johannsen Sr., Medford