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Demagogic cheap shotsThe writer on growth (Wednesday), instead of arguing issues, resorts to demagogic cheap shots. 1. Fear of "thousands of Californians." 2. Name-calling ("Seattle immigrant"). 3. Ad hominem, attacking another person instead of his facts, hinting that writer Howard Johnson has biased "interests."

Worldwide on-site consultant to governments and commerce as international authority on fisheries, Johnson's local "interests" and concerns are argued from openly informed logic and data &

8212; not self-interest nor sleazy debating devices. &

8212; G. Myers, Jacksonville

Amen to editorialRegarding the MT editorial about term limits, "Don't throw them all out," I have one thing to say, "Amen." &

8212; Terry Blake, Sams Valley Update the dictionaryPerhaps the dictionary's definition of "liberal" should be updated so Allen Hallmark's T-shirt (letter, 23) could also read, "soft on terrorism" and "weak on defense." (For example, a liberal is a person who brags about lowering the deficit, but does so by closing vital military bases.) &

8212; Maureen Stewart, Medford

Are you ready?What if George Bush is wrong on global warming, open borders, and the Iraq war?

What will happen if the deficit of $8.4 trillion keeps going up?

What will happen when people cannot pay for their utilities, gasoline, higher interest on credit cards and house payments, etc.?

I saw a working girl at Safeway buy one gallon of gas to get home. What will happen to the minimum-wage workers who have no health insurance and can't afford medicine?

What will happen to the workers who lost their jobs to cheap overseas workers?

What will happen to this country with wide divisions on what is right or wrong?

What will happen to the millions of illegals in this country?

What is the world thinking of the raping and torture of women and prisoners by our government?

What will happen to our schools? A great number of kids do not graduate. What will happen to them?

What if all of the above continues in the last two and half years of Bush's term as president?

Sticking your head in the sand will not solve these problems!

Are you ready? &

8212; Don Schnitzer, Medford

Are we insane?Is our species becoming insane? Can anyone seriously doubt that the overwhelming imperative at this moment of history is to heal the earth, our common home, not add to its injuries? And yet I read in July 13's Mail Tribune that the leaders of two of the world's most overextended countries, Bush and Putin, are planning to accelerate the production of nuclear energy over the face of the earth and bury its ever-growing poisonous wastes somewhere in Siberia.

It's as though those who should be our doctors propose to cure the malady by fueling it with fresh doses of the virus that caused it. Is anyone in a position to do something about our accumulating harm to nature &

8212; perhaps the only life in our galaxy &

8212; listening to the "inconvenient truths" coming from all credible sources among us?

Is this a time to fan our expectations &

8212; or to rein them in? I keep returning to a cautionary aphorism coined by Lord Acton over a century ago (please note the addendum): "Power (and greed) corrupt; absolute power (and greed) corrupt absolutely." Is not the problem that we who don't have the power are quite content with the greed? &

8212; G.E. Massey, Ashland