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Not a dirty wordWell Maureen Stewart has managed to do again exactly what Allen Hallmark explained. Liberal is not a dirty word and all of us "liberals" are as patriotic as you Bush followers.

We do not condone going to pre-emptive war with imaginary enemies. We are hoping you share in the benefits when the tides turn, and they will. Peace. &

8212; Arlene Aron, Applegate

Private preschools helpI am very impressed with the quality of private preschools we have in the valley. As a kindergarten teacher at Howard Elementary school for the past six years, I've noticed that the students coming in from private preschools can identify most letter names and sounds (upper and lower case), write their names correctly using upper case and lower case, know their numbers from 1-10, know shapes, know colors, and can sit and listen to a story. It makes my job as an all-day, Reading First kindergarten teacher easier. Thank you and God bless you! &

8212; Barbara A. Holtz, Jacksonville Avoid World War IIII am appalled that in this age of technical savvy and religious hells that both forces are coming together to destroy and murder innocent bystanders who just happen to be collateral damage. This being done at the stroke of various pins by our own government without tax dollars, further implicating us as peace-loving citizens in the greatest mass insanity of foreign policy disasters ever committed. Please stop the madness now! Withdraw from the Middle East and avoid World War III. The planet is in bad enough shape already and so is our miserable, morally bankrupt and hypocritical government. &

8212; Jim Thompson, Talent

Let the people voteA succinct thought about a possible unilateral imposition of the utility tax on all citizens and commercial business by the Medford City Council instead of a plebiscite allowing a vote on a ballot measure &

8212; please allow the vote by the people ... Honest Abe used the expression, "of, by and for the people" in 1863 ... it still holds true in 2006. &

8212; Joel Marks, Medford

Where will it end?I am tired of every time the city fathers, schools and RVTD need money they want to raise your taxes. Where is it going to end?

Now they want to put a utility fee on top of everything else. They don't consider that some of us live on a limited income and if they keep raising property taxes, I will have to sell my home. &

8212; Reta Freeze, Medford