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Toughen voting rulesRegarding Richard Altig's July 24 letter on the 2000 election: The Supreme Court of the United Sates overruled the Florida Supreme Court's decision because it was in violation of its own Florida Constitution concerning election law. Not one recount since (of many conducted) has resulted in a different conclusion.

I do agree with the concept of tightening up the process. In addition to standardizing national ballots, the voter rolls need to be purged and everyone should be required to re-register with solid evidence of citizenship (not drivers' licenses), and proper, verifiable ID should be required upon voting. Dump the mail-in ballot system. I have no confidence in the mail-in system. &

8212; Dale Herrmann, Eagle Point

Bennett a good choiceHaving recently expressed my dismay at the choices made for administrators in the Eagle Point School District, I want to congratulate the school board for choosing Kerm Bennett. Kerm was one of the best principals for whom I have worked. His quality of character and expertise accentuated the lack of administrative skills of some of those who followed him. He set high standards for his own behavior and the behavior of those who worked with him. Perhaps the downward trend in quality administrators may finally be over in District 9. &

8212; Bob Simpson, Central Point

Urge Moyers to runI have long admired Bill Moyers' integrity, articulateness, intelligence, and courage. I agree with Molly Ivins' (MT July 25) plea that he run for president: His presence in the presidential race could help force the inevitable Ken and Barbie candidates to confront issues with a lot higher level of honesty and reality than they otherwise will.

His presence in the last election would have helped the "Inconvenient Truth" Al Gore run, instead of that airbrushed and dumbed-down disappointment who took over his body. He'd have won. And the world would be a much, much better place.

So I took Molly's advice and wrote to Mr. Moyers, and included $25 made out to "Moyers for President." I told him I hoped he'd use it to start his campaign. But if, however, he decided not to make Molly, me, our friends and families deliriously happy, I suggested he at least buy himself a nice bottle of wine (preferably from Oregon) and enjoy knowing there are a lot of us who appreciate what a huge contribution he's already made over his many years in public life. You can write him too: Mr. Bill Moyers, P.O. Box 209, Bernardsville, NJ 07924. &

8212; Gretchen Hunter, Eagle Point

Schools were hurtLarry Huss' comment that schools suffered no material impact after the failure of Measures 28 and 30 is incorrect (Mail Tribune, July 16). As a parent of two young children in public schools, I have watched year by year as class sizes increase and the school days shorten. My children's school was cut by 10 days immediately following Measure 30's failure and the school day was shortened 17 minutes the following year.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, Oregon elementary class sizes are the second highest in the nation (The Oregonian, Jan. 25, 2006). Mr. Huss goes on to say that student/teacher ratios in Oregon are better than the national average, which is impossible unless you consider a higher ratio to be exceeding. Oregon has 19.8 students per teacher versus 15.6 nationally (National Education Association). A higher ratio is of course not desirable, since it means there are more students per teacher.

I should know. My third grader had 33 kids in his classroom.

Despite claims made by Mr. Huss, ballot measures 6 and 14 will most certainly have a further detrimental impact on funding for public education.

For information on these ballot measures, visit . &

8212; Karen Starchvick, Jacksonville