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EP district chose wellI compliment Eagle Point School District 9 for selecting an especially competent and fiscally savvy interim superintendent.

I had the pleasure of working under Kerm Bennett's guidance during my tenure at EPHS. He eschews divisive politics and sycophancy, the hallmarks of mediocre leadership, and will set high standards of educational excellence for any long-term replacement to maintain.

He'll return stability and widespread respect to the district that it once enjoyed.

Go get 'em Kerm! &

8212; Bob Doke, Hilo, Hawaii, former Rogue Valley resident Cyclist appreciates courtesyI would like to provide some positive comment on the courtesy and patience that Jackson County area motorists show toward cyclists.

We just finished a week's stay in Valley of the Rogue State Park and rode 175 miles on the rural roads in the county. Often, on these roads, the white fog strip at the edge of the roadway is the shoulder and we are forced to ride along that line or slightly in the roadway. I was very impressed with how motorists passed safety, moving out to give us ample room. In the case of oncoming traffic, the motorists waited the few seconds until it was safe and then passed us.

As an avid cyclist, and one who is also aware of the recent serious accident involving a car and bicycle in Phoenix, this behavior on the part of motorists in your county is truly appreciated! &

8212; David Abrecht, Los Osos, Calif.

Check conservatives' recordMaureen Stewart writes, "a liberal is a person who brags about lowering the deficit, but does so by closing vital military bases." She equates this with liberals being "soft on terrorism." If she goes to it is apparent that the conservative Congress and president are pushing for base closings. To see the conservatives' success at debt management, go to . Happy reading, Maureen. &

8212; Damon Neal, Medford

Bats may be rehabbedRegarding the July 27 article on area bats testing positive for rabies: Yes, bats can transmit rabies. No, not all bats are infected, just as the majority of humans are not likely to commit homicide.

As indicated, bats down on the ground should be viewed with caution. However, not all bats on the ground are rabid, especially this time of the year. Bat pups, born only one or two per momma, behave much like fledgling birds and adolescent humans. Their early test flights can often lead to miscalculations which may leave a stunned youngster on the ground. These small mammals, which, by the way, are not rodents, can safely be handled with thick gloves, or by gently shoving them into a ventilated box or paper bag.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife in Central Point and county police departments, have a list of licensed rehabilitators such as myself who are capable of caring for bats suitable for release. This would exclude bats which have bitten a human. Such animals should be turned over to county health departments for testing. As noted, post-exposure shots are now given in the arm, not stomach.

Informational bat sites for rehab contact and exclusion info are and . &

8212; Janet Dunlap, Ashland

Speak out for peaceI would like to call all responsible people to consider the impact that our government has on the world with their refusal to call for an unconditional cease-fire in Lebanon and Israel. We must all speak out for peace.

This is a very sad day when the majority of the peoples of the earth do not want war, and it is a minority that is disrupting this with their biased viewpoints, dividing people once again along religious lines. Continued peace talks in this region are imperative to stop a possible World War III. Please speak out for peace! &

8212; Lyn Wandell, Phoenix