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Letters to the editor

RVTD has overcome muchI would like to offer some comments to augment the "RVTD At A Crossroads" article of July 19.

Management and the board of directors of the Rogue Valley Transportation District have overcome many problems in a constructive manner. Revenues have been essentially flat for the past 10 years. During this same time, costs of doing business (fuel insurance, inflation) have increased, and demand for services has also grown. In the midst of all this, the size of the staff has steadily shrunk while the workload has not.

Revenues received from transit advertising continue to increase.

We just completed our triennial review with the federal government; our efforts to fix paratransit service issues have led Valley Lift paratransit service to be found in compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). RVTD's financial house is in order. For the past two years, we have received the prestigious "Award of Excellence in Financial Reporting" from the Government Finance Officers Association.

We welcome any and all questions and comments. If you wonder what we do &

8212; and how and why we do it &

8212; please contact us. &

8212; Peter G. Jacobsen, general manager, RVTD, Medford

We need the No. 5 busI am a senior citizen residing in Ashland and have used the No. 5 bus regularly for several years to do my grocery and drug store shopping. Suddenly, it is no more &

8212; no community meetings, no evidence of even caring about the senior residents who no longer drive, and also the working people who use it.

Doesn't the community have any input when a service which vitally affects us is terminated? This is 100 percent wrong.

It appears that everyone jumps into his car and goes on his way, and never gives any thought to the other guy &

8212; some caring community this is!

The No. 5 bus is needed by many of us. Why aren't our needs being addressed? Why? Why &

8212; because I believe they would rather we not be here at all. Well, so do I. I'd much rather be elsewhere, but I and many other seniors and working people are here, and we need the No. 5 bus. &

8212; Jane Thruston, Ashland

Flag-waving in left fieldYes, the liberals really do have patriotism. But, it's conditional. They're only patriotic when a Democrat is president.

When Slick Willy was launching cruise missiles each time that Monica Lewinsky approached a microphone, they gave him their unwavering support. When he bombed, for 78 days, a tiny country that couldn't fight back, they were behind him 100 percent.

But when a Republican president eradicated a regime that even the Democrats wanted eradicated, their patriotism was suddenly replaced with senseless rage.

Just wait until one of their own is living in the White House. Then we'll see flag-waving in left field again. &

8212; Ron Smith, Medford