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Letters to the editor

County grieving againJackson County is grieving again because three teenagers were drinking and driving and needlessly lost their lives. I stood at the scene of the crash and grieved at the senseless loss that these three families, their friends and the entire community is going through.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving's (MADD) mission includes stopping the use of alcoholic beverages by underage people. How many of our community are we going to lose due to drinking and driving before we collectively say, "Enough!" This crash was 100 percent preventable.

How many times do we turn our head as adults furnish liquor to minors? Charges have been filed against those who bought the alcohol for these teenagers. Don't ever provide liquor to underaged persons.

I have talked to many people about this crash and realize that some parents made the correct decision on this fateful night by not allowing their child to attend this party. It is not easy to say no to juveniles regarding alcohol use, but the results of being complacent are deadly. When young persons and alcohol mix, it is truly a lose-lose situation. MADD is here to help. Call 541-772-3557 for assistance. &

8212; Ralph Nelson, community action leader, MADD, Medford

Getting carsickThe latest Mideast flare-up has once again placed Americans in jeopardy. With their usual lightning speed, W and company have responded. An evacuation would come, but not for days. To leave Lebanon, you needed cash, a credit card or to sign a note to reimburse your own country for their help.

W refuses to call for a cease-fire to a retaliatory attack so massive in scale that hundreds of thousands of Lebanese are now homeless and Lebanon's infrastructure is destroyed. I'm sure his refusal has nothing to do with our small incursion into Iraq. After all, he is the compassionate conservative.

On the home front, the rich prosper, the poor get poorer, minimum wage is stagnant, stem- cell research is so limited as to not exist and our constitutional rights are tampered with.

On the delusional side, W has had Saddam force-fed so that eventually he can be hanged. Katrina has become a national disaster with no end in sight. W has doled out high-paying jobs to his staff and cronies. The only thing he didn't do at the G8 Conference was throw up on the Japanese prime minister.

It's been quite a ride, but I am getting carsick. &

8212; Wayne R. Martin, Medford

Not what we want it to beThere is much ado made, with tears in eyes, about our Founding Fathers and the American Revolution; how they and that cause were sanctioned by God, which therefore made rebellion against our own country &

8212; England, at that time &

8212; a righteous endeavor.

King George III and Parliament were guilty of treating the colonists with less respect than their peers in England, but they didn't treat them as slaves. And concerning slaves, God commands Christian slaves not to rebel against their early masters, but to serve them with respect, as a way of bearing witness to their faith (Ephesians 6:5-8). So, how did we ever come to the conclusion that God supported the American rebellion, or, for that matter, any rebellion? Wishful thinking, undeniably.

Of course, there will be those who jump up and down, vociferously denouncing that idea. But, we need to understand that Christianity is what God says it is, not what we want it to be or what some highfalutin person, or assembly of people, pronounce it to be. &

8212; Hartley Anderson, Medford

Politics gets weirdPolitics sure can get weird. It seems the Oregon Republican Party approved a resolution to deny citizenship to the babies born in the U.S. to immigrants who are not citizens themselves. They did so in deliberate defiance of the Constitution's 14th Amendment declaration that all persons born in the United States are citizens. Apparently, disregard for the Constitution now reaches from the top to the bottom of that political barrel.

Oregon Democrats are not so disdainful of immigrants, knowing that we all came originally from elsewhere &

8212; even Republicans. We support comprehensive immigration reform that contains a path to citizenship, secures our borders and accommodates a guest-worker program.

Sending Mike Moran, Democratic candidate for District 6, to Salem would help change the policy focus in the state Legislature. Oregon could act responsibly, perhaps even joining California to reform immigration laws that national politicians aren't able to handle. &

8212; Nan Trout, Ashland

Embryos are humanI respect President Bush's veto of funding more embryonic stem-cell research. ESCR supporters say the embryos are already there, let's use them since they'll be destroyed anyway. That kind of thinking sets a dangerous precedent.

During World War II, should people have said, "Jews will be destroyed anyway, let's use their body parts?" Oh wait, they did do that! Ever hear of human lamp shades, or blankets made from Jewish hair? Visit the Holocaust Museum in D.C. to see experiments that were done on Jewish people, all in the name of science. Instead of using human beings for "science" that causes their death, let's outlaw that kind of experimentation on humans, at any stage of their lives.

Human embryos and human adults are both humans. If we allow embryos to mature, they become adult humans, not eagles or chickens. Why is it a felony to destroy an eagle embryo, i.e. an egg, yet scientists have no qualms whatsoever about destroying a human embryo? What does that say about how low our society has sunk?

Stem cells from other sources like umbilical cords, placental tissue, and bone marrow have been proven to work. We need not promote death to cure diseases. &

8212; Niquita Wilkinson, Eagle Point

Facts are misconstruedThe article you published last week, suggesting that life is evolving, was interesting. However, facts are often misconstrued. Many believe genetic acclimation is simply breeding, not evolution.

The computer-enhanced pictures showing the change from a lower animal to a human are cute. Where is the fossil record of this? It doesn't exist! There are no mutated, imperfect fossils. Hence, evolutionists continue to argue among themselves about evolution. Now, they have resorted to the David Copperfield explanation of life. Fish needed legs; so figuratively overnight, poof, they grew legs. On the other hand, logic dictates that organization is the result of intelligence. And every molecule, atom, living organism, solar system and galaxy shouts organization; ergo, a creator!

In this age of political correctness, it should behoove your paper to precede each statement for evolutionary opinions with the phrase, "it is believed," because certainly many credulously do believe it.

Scientists must write articles that sound convincing in order to accrue grants to fund their existence. But, their conclusions always boil down to the fact that their analysis is based on supposition. Do us, your readers, a favor and be a little more objective next time. &

8212; Gary T. Juarez, Rogue River

What compassion meansWhen George W. Bush was first running for president he described himself as a compassionate conservative. I never really knew what that meant. The only thing I had to go on was his record as governor of Texas and the large number of people executed in that state while he was in office, which didn't give him pause.

With Bush's reaction to the current war between Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon, I now have a better understanding of compassionate conservatism. Most of the world has called for a cease-fire, but GW is unwilling to support a cease-fire until the conditions he wants are met. It doesn't matter that large numbers of innocent children, elderly and other non-combatants will be killed and maimed. There will be no end to the fighting until Hezbollah is eradicated and Iran and Syria kowtow to the administration demands and are no longer competition for American (corporate) interests in the region.

So it seems that compassionate conservatism, at least in part, means sacrificing innocent people's lives to achieve Bush's goals and objectives. &

8212; Bruce Evans, Talent

We don't plan to exitThe national press has been silent about the four "permanent bases" built in Iraq, after giving a short notice. It is not as important as Barry Bonds' asterisk, but not inconsequential: We have no "exit plan" because we don't plan to exit.

Iraqis, who must know this, keep viewing us as occupiers. They view their new government as less Iraqi than lackey. Iran sees us as a threat and wants to become "nuclear." It stirred up trouble in Lebanon, behind our lines.

If our administration wants to make a debatable case for a strong presence in the Middle East, then do so! Fairy tales don't open an adult discussion. We could debate the where and wherefore. It's called : "Bringing democracy" to a country, ours. &

8212; Hans H. Stroo, Medford