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Mail Tribune Online Edition

Invasion is unfairThe Israeli invasion of a weaker neighbor &

8212; Lebanon &

8212; is a humanitarian disaster; not to mention patently unfair. If the United States does not stop blindly and one-sidedly supporting an Israeli government which is totally out of control and unjustified in its attacks on the civilian population and infrastructure of Lebanon, then our country shall suffer major blowback eventually as well. &

8212; Dr. Irene Saikevych, Talent

Country has been seizedOur country has been seized by the "Dark Forces." Congressional storm troopers destroy our democratic system with laws and actions that benefit their wealthy contributors. Karl Rove, the devious, smirking emperor, and Darth Cheney give orders from their Death-Star war rooms leaving "Jabber the Nut" to face the public.

Jabber's distinctive foreign relations include alienating allies, attacking oil-rich countries, flying around for useless, self-aggrandizing photo-ops and giving female prime ministers unwanted shoulder massages. Makes us all real proud to be an American! Being an average American nowadays means declining buying power of our income as corporations post profits exceeding 20 percent. It means fewer have health coverage and many seniors must chose between ever-rising medication costs or eating. It means watching the wealthy get richer as those in power refuse to increase minimum wages. It means our country's infrastructure deteriorates as billions of dollars are wasted by killing and destroying in a faraway, "non-Christian" land.

"We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty." (Edward R. Murrow). &

8212; Phillip Nickel, Grants Pass

Walden must goGreg Walden is running for re-election to Congress from the 2nd District of Oregon on his record of service to the voters. As a member of Congress that has an approval rating in the 20 percent range that is quite a record.

He has slavishly supported the administration on every important issue since Bush became president, including the ruinous tax cuts for the wealthy, resulting in the largest deficits in history, and doubling the national debt, a debt that will be passed on to our children and grandchildren.

There is no hope that the Congress will change for the better and begin to consider the legitimate issues facing the country, such as raising the minimum wage, budget and tax reform etc., etc. until congressmen such as Walden no longer sit in the House of Representatives. &

8212; Frank Hieber, Medford